Thursday, March 09, 2006

Archive: Episodes from India Travels

Passages from my diary of my trip to India June-August 2003:

"Meeting the Atheist" - Airline Journey

"Guru Ka Langar?" - Attending Akhand Paath Bhog

"Amrit is Only with Grace of the Guru" - Travelling to Amritsar

"Amrit Peeaa Satgur Deeaa" - Recieving the Gift of Amrit

"Celebrating Gurpurb" - Jalandhar Gurdwara

"Funeral Akhand Paath Da Bhog" - Manmat Practices

"As if Guru Jee will do anything..." - Granthi Singh shares a True Story

"Trip to Hazoor Sahib" - Visiting Sri Hazoor Sahib & the Local Gurdwaras

"Stay at Sri Damdama Sahib" - Incidents and events from Sri Damdama Sahib