Saturday, May 20, 2006

Episode 9 of India Travels: Getting Ready to Leave (Part 4)

Tuesday 5th August 2003, day 41 of India trip. I had a really HEAVY head. My head was thumping and I could not walk without feeling I was going to fall over. I slowly made my way to the SGPC Accommodation Office and told the Sewadaar (attendant) that I felt extremely ill and requested him to buy me some fruit like apples and bananas from the Bazaar (market). I went to back to my room and the Sewadaars kindly brought me a bag packed with fruit. I didn’t eat any roti that day. The day before I had only eaten ONE ROTI for the whole day (even that one roti, I found difficult to eat).

Eventually I went to the Gurdwara Pharmacy Dispensary and the doctor gave me some medication. Erm, I can’t remember what he gave me, but I can remember it was pink colour and white colour. He gave me two three medicines and said take these. I had to hold my head with my hands as I walked because my head felt so heavy. One of the older SGPC staff saw me and asked me if I was okay. He said that I most likely got DEHYDRATED and suffering SUN STROKE. He told me to go to my room and to keep my head under the running tap of COLD WATER. I did this and with Guru’s Kirpaa I felt MUCH BETTER. My heavy head went and now I could move around with ease.

As my health was not good I decided I should head back home (to Jalandhar) now and cancelled my programme to go to Mehta Chownk (in Amritsar district). I went over to the Singh Sahib’s house to say good-bye. His family were very nice. Everyone joked around and said I should get married in India and make sure not to forget to give them a wedding invite. Afterwards I said good-bye to all the local Sangat who help with Sewa at the Gurdwara. Quite a few people asked me whether I can take them with me to England. I felt sorry for them, some people genuinely wished to escape and just hop on the aeroplane with me back to England.

I remember one day I went to do Ishnaan in the Sarovar at Amrit-vela. Some Nihang Singhs came to do Ishnaan as well. The Nihung Singh’s son followed me to the Takht Sahib and then followed me to my Santhiyaa class. Afterwards he asked me whether I was from England. I said, “Yes.” He said, “We thought you were from England by THE WAY YOU DID ISHNAAN in the Sarowar.” Lol. He said “Can you please take my father with you to England. He has sent me to ask you whether he can come with you. Can he go with you on your aeroplane ticket?” The son sounded serious. Waheguru.

Everyone assumed that I had a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE airline ticket to go back to England or that they could squeeze into my luggage. I had to explain that one ticket means one person and that unless I am travelling on NANAK NAAM JAHAAJ it wouldn’t be possible to take all Sangat with me back to UK. Waheguru.

I met Giani Balbir Singh, who had given me Santhiyaa. I asked him whether he recommended any audios with Shud Uchaaran (correctly pronounced) Paath. He walked with me to the nearby religious shops and recommended that I use Nitnem audio by Bhai Jarnail Singh (Damdami Taksal Wale) to keep up with my pronunciation. The audio was very good. Its clear and Bhai Sahib emphasises on all the sounds so that the person listening becomes consciousness of all the lagaa maatraa (grammar). You can download the audios here (on Nitnem section).

The next morning I met Granthi Nirmal Singh Ji who asked me to have a family photo with him. He took some photos and asked me to keep in contact with him. (He still keeps in contact with me and writes letters).

At 7.30a.m. I did Matha Tekh at the Takht Sahib and did Ardaas for a safe journey back. 7.45a.m. the bus had arrived at the bus station and I got on to go to Nakodar (district Jalandhar).

To be continued… (Last and concluding part of Sri Damdama Sahib trip – "Bus Journey back Home")


Puja said...

i enjoy reading about ur travel to india.
i like the part where u mention Nanak Naam Jahaaj.
Dhan Satguru

Teji Kaur said...

Guru Fateh bhaji
Thank you for putting up part two : ).I can completely empathize with Kurbani Auntiji. I have harmone problems and I worry about waht will happen if I take Amrit and get a dhari.I realize though that us Singhs and Singhnees have to be proud and stick togather.This article made me cry.Everyday I ask guru ji to sdo something about this for me and I go through the same thing of removing my hairs and than hating myself.I have polycystic ovaryian sndrome and if I dont removwe my face hairs a full beard comes.I do laser surgery now and by the time I take Amrit hopefully theyll stop and if they dont I dont care I love guru Ji enough even if that means ppl will make fun of my Dhari.Itll be a good chance to see who my real friends are.And besides you can win any1 ovr with prem.Sorry i have to go Bhaji.My parents are gonna give me thapar in a few minutes cuz im getting late 4 a party
Bye Guru Rakha

Niyara Khalsa said...

just curious:
why does evryone want to go to he UK / US ?
is money the only factor ? Are there other reasons too ?

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Everyone wants SUKH (happiness). In Panjab people want to escape the SOCIAL, ECONOMIC and HEALTH problems.

* You must be aware that farmers are becoming poorer and poorer. Money lenders are lending lots of money but then people are left with huge interest rates (which they can never pay off in their lifetime).

* Land is being distributed to siblings generation after generation. Eventually nothing will be left. How can a farmer rely on a small plot of land?

* A large number of youngsters have no skills, no education, and no jobs. So they go into consuming intoxicants. Very depressing news - MP Novjot Sidhu has started a scheme to help the widows of drug addicts in Amritsar.

* Water pollution and diseases from pesticides and fertilisers have left many villages (yes - VILLAGES) with CANCERS and GENETIC DISEASES (this is common in Bathinda and South Panjab).

List can go on...

For a better life, easier future and opportunities to make something out of their life people want to come to UK and Canada - May God Bless them.