Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Episode 9 of India Travels: Treating Myself to Ahloo Tikkian (Part 2)

Saturday 2nd August 2003, day 38 of India trip. In a week I had completed Santhiya (Gurbani lessons) on Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tva Prasaad Svaiye, Benti Chaupayee Sahib, Anand Sahib and Sodar Rehraas Sahib. Today Giani Ji who was teaching me (Giani Balbir Singh, Head Granthi of Gurdwara Damdama Sahib) gave me a day off.

On my day off I thought I would treat myself to some nice Ahloo Tikkian. I walked to the main road outside of the Takht Sahib. I walked up and down the road “trying” to find the cleanest place possible to enjoy Ahloo Tikkian with some Sholay. Eventually I got to a place where it was “fairly” clean and the man serving looked “fairly” presentable (thinking back I can't believe I ate there! O well!).

I sat down inside the shop and the man asked what I would like to eat. He was preparing Ahloo for Ahloo wale parotay. I said I would like to have some Ahloo Tikkian with some Sholay. He said, No problem, please wait while I finish off these ahloo for Ahloo wale parotay. He asked,Do you like MIRCHAA (chillies)? I replied, I eat Mirch, but NOT TOO MUCH and nor do I eat SAABAT MIRCH (full chilli).He asked You want big Mirch pieces or small? SMALL, pleaseI replied.

Chalo, I wait and then arrives a plate of Ahloo Tikkian and Sholay. SAT NAAM, WAHEGURU. I did Ardaas and got stuck in. Very tasty! However, it was bit KORAA (hot). O well, I finished it off, thanked Waheguru and then paid the man for the Tikkian and Sholay.

I walked back to the Takht Sahib and thought I would go and see the Jathedaar Sahib. As I was walking I was feeling ILL. It felt like I was been STRANGLED. I didn’t think much and thought “it’s a passing pain and will go soon.”

I arrived at Jathedaar Sahib’s house and he asked me if I would like some milk to drink. So I drank milk. My throat was a little better however I still felt a SHARP PAIN in my throat like someone was throttling me or someone had stabbed me in the throat. Waheguru!

Afterwards I went to the JoRa Ghar (where the shoes are deposited and looked after). I told the Sewadaars that my throat is BURNING and I feel pain. They said “Drink water. Drink lots of water.” So that’s what I did, however the pain did not go away. When I went to the water tank to get more water, I bumped into one of the Hazoori Raagi Singh’s who do Kirtan at the Takht Sahib. He asked me to come with him to his room because he wanted me to read to him some letters he had received which were in English.

So I went with him to his room. He asked me “Bhaji, would you like some Chaa (tea)?” I said “Okay.” Next thing I know I FEEL LIKE VOMMITING and ask Bhaji where the bathroom is. I vomited in the bathroom sink. WAHEGURU.

Now my throat FELT FINE. I look down in the sink and all I could see was a HUGE MIRCH (chilli) laying there (NOTHING ELSE – just water and a Mirch lying there!). SAT NAAM, WAHEGURU. I couldn’t believe it! I had told the Ahloo Tikki man to keep the Mirch SMALL, but instead it was so HUGE (i.e. it wasn’t EVEN CUT) that it got stuck in my throat.

Rab Bhalla Kare!

Afterwards all the Gurdwara Sewadaars were relieved that my throat was back to normal and advised me not to eat Ahloo Tikki again from the Bazaar.

More stories from Sri Damdama Sahib to be continued...


Anonymous said...

Veerji.....Next time make sure you clearly explain to them what you really want :-)

Waheguru !!!!

Shinda said...

Vaheguru Jeee,

Next time you should chew your food ;), may help prevent the swallowing of large mirchaana next time.

lol, nice story though..

mandeep singh said...

Did u ask for a small chilli or small pieces? Just woundering cuz small chillies are alot hotter than big ones right? Might be wrong oh well u know better for next time

take care

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


Anonymous Jee,
Daas did explain that he doesn't eat too much Mirch and to put little bit in.

Shinda Jee,
True! lol. I need to chew on my food more (Waheguru)... But Alhoo Tikkian are not exactly huge Parotay or Super-size. They were very small and so easy to swallow without proper chewing.

Mandeep Singh Jee,
Daas asked for "little bit" of Mirch and "small pieces". Its true that smaller chilli's are hotter. Perhaps the man mis-understood me.

Chalo. Rab Rakha.

Moral of Story:
1. Avoid eating food cooked on the street shops.

2. Be clear when ordering.

3. Chew on food slowly.

Teji Kaur said...

Guru Fateh Bhaji,
Lol.Aww Im sorry.That reminds me of when In India my cousin-brother gave me nasty vitamin c and said it was candy.The crazies thing happened.I accidently drank the panni that they wud bathe the doggy in.Also thery gave me a nasty tinda and said it waz amrud.Oh well.Makes 4 a funny story.Oh Btw I see ppl apolizizing wen they leave long comments.Sorry I leave lioke novels and I never apolizise.Anyway Im saying sorry now.U take care and always stay in Chardi Kala.
Guru Rakha sadha Sadha