Wednesday, March 07, 2007

British Soldier Meets Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Author: Bhai Ranjit Singh (Jalandhar)

In 1964, when some of the weapons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji were brought back from England, an Englishman, in complete Sikh form, accompanied them. Out of curiousity, someone asked the Englishman what inspired him to adopt the Sikh form. Was it due to respect for the weapons or was there some other reason? The explanation given by him at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi is something that should be of interest to all readers.

"My name was A. David. I happened to be commanding a Sikh Regiment during World War II. My Regiment suffered very heavy losses fighting the Germans. Most of the Sikh jawaans (soldiers) of my Battalion were killed. Only a few survived and we were all surrounded by the Germans. As there were very remote chances of our survival, I called the Subedaar major of the Battalion and informed him about our precarious situation. Death was facing us and there was no chance of survival. I suggested to him that the jawans should individually attempt to escape from the enemy encirclement and save their lives.

The Subedaar Major replied, "We cannot bring ignominy to the Sikh Regiment by running away from the battlefield." However, he suggested that they should perform an Akhand-Paath ceremony and take action as per the Divine Hukam (Holy Command). Accordingly, necessary security arrangements were made and the Akhand-Paath ceremony was completed without interruption. After the supplicatory prayer (Ardaas), the Divine Hukam from the Holy Scripture was explained to me by the Subedaar Major and the religious teacher (Granthi).

The Guru’s instruction as per the Divine Hukam was that we should not abandon the battlefield; victory will be ours. Then I conveyed to them the miracle that I had witnessed during the supplicatory prayer. While standing with my eyes closed during the Ardaas, a fully armed Sikh on horseback with a unique grandeur appeared in front of me and ordered "Follow me." I pointed out the direction in which the fully armed Sikh went after giving the order and asked them about the identity of the warrior. The Subedaar Major said that from the description I had given, he seemed to be none other than Sri Guru Gobind Singh himself!

So, we got ready and launched an attack in the direction pointed out by the Guru. After a short while, we were able to break through the German encirclement and save ourselves. We then got in touch with the Brigade Commander on wireless and requested for additional help.

After the war, I reflected upon the incident and the divine personality who had saved our lives from the impregnable enemy encirclement in a desperate situation by ordering me to follow him. I made up my mind to follow him for the rest of my life. I resigned from the Army and along with my daughter, embraced Sikh Dharam with the initiation ceremony of the Khalsa. Now my name is Devinder Singh and my daughter’s name is Surjit Kaur. This is due to the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh that he made us his disciples."



Anonymous said...

Waheguru Waheguru............

Anonymous said...

Bole So Nihal! Sat Siri Akal!

What an inspiration!

Anonymous said...


leaves shivers in my body

is this gursikh still alive?

Anonymous said...

can you provide the source of this?

Manvir Singh (UK) said...

I had a print out article of this story which I found at a Gurdwara Sahib in London over 5 years ago. Also its been posted on Sikh Forums.

I assume that Bhai Ranjit Singh from Jallandhar who wrote about the incident must have passed his story to Panjabi news press which later was translated and circulated in wider circles.

Anonymous said...

hmm bit hard 2 believe and Sikhs have sacrficed so much for world war and india but we get stabbed in the back for it. I wouldnt give my life to either britian or india.

Anonymous said...

Akaaaaaaaaal! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

the sikh soldiers made sacrifices for righteousness and freedom, not for India or Britain.

sri guru teg bahadur ji sacrificed himself for dharam, rigtheousness an freedom to live in peace, not for hindus or certain group.

where there is a worthy cause to fight for justice, rigtheousness and freedom of others, sikhs will make a stand. some decided that a good way to make a stand is by joining the british or indian army, for others this may not be the route.

may god bless everyone.

Anonymous said...

jiteh meh, uteh mera guru :)

Unknown said...

Waheguru ji ,
Great I can beleive Salute to that soldier who became sikh after.

Anonymous said...

In December (6th) 1704, a major fight took place in Punjab, India (Chamkuar Sahib). The Mogul forces numbered 100,000. Guru Gobind Singh, his two teen age elder sons, the Panj Piara and 40 Sikhs fought the Mogul forces. In the end of the battle, 52,800 Moguls lay dead on the battlefield, 200 wounded. The Guru and two Sikhs survived, 45 Khalsa gave their lives.
I was once asked by a non acceptance of this historic battle. "How could this be?"
I responded - SPIRIT! Guru Gobind Singh was 38 years of age. He, like Sampson (with his unshorn hair), or the MacCabees against the Syrian Army (8 days-which gave the world Channukah!)
SPIRIT will be victorious ever time.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Anonymous said...

Waheguru ji da Khalsa! Waheguru ji di fatheh!!
These sikh soldiers and commander Devinder Singh (A.David) need to be more well known and the youth all over the world need to acknowledge the contribution of the Sikhs for the end of the World War. They were the ones placed at the front lines and took all the major damage. God Bless their souls.

Unknown said...

Bole Soh Nihal Sat Shri Akal Ji 🌹♥️🙏

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