Friday, June 02, 2006

Episode 9 of India Travels: Bus Journey (Part 5)

The bus left Sabo Ki Talwandi at 7.45am. The bus was CROWDED. I sat right at the front near the driver. I was surprised how the driver can drive with so many people sitting around him!

From Sabo Ki Talwandi the bus went to Moga. If someone paid me every time I saw a RADHA SOAMI Satsang Centre on the road going to Moga, let’s just say I would be a VERY RICH person! Rab Bhalla Kare. The world has made religion into a business and everywhere you go in Panjab people are claiming themselves to be the Gurus. People WANDER from door to door looking for HOPE and ESCAPE - one Pakhandi "Sant" to the next, one self-proclaimed "Guru" to the next, Radha Soami to Naqli Nirankari - the list goes on! People fail to realise the SHABD GURU (the Infinite Divine Wisdom contained in Gurbaani) and NAAM. The concept of GURU GRANTH-GURU PANTH is being forgotten by people. I suppose it’s no different to the times of the 10 Guru Sahibaans. During Guru Tegh Bahadar Jee's life 22 people claimed to be “TRUE GURU” however Makhan Shah recognised the True Guru and shouted “LADO RE, LADO RE… GURU LADO RE” (I found him, I found him… I have found the Guru).

Gurbaani describes those who sway from door to door, Master to Master as:
ਦੁਆਰਹਿ ਦੁਆਰਿ ਸੁਆਨ ਜਿਉ ਡੋਲਤ ਨਹ ਸੁਧ ਰਾਮ ਭਜਨ ਕੀ ॥੧॥
du-aareh du-aar su-aan ji-o dolat neh suDh raam bhajan kee. 1
You wander from door to door like a dog, unconscious of the Waheguru's meditation. 1

(Ang 411)

On the way to Moga I sat next to a Baba Jee who thought I was a Granthi Singh and was pleasantly shocked when I said I was born in UK. Eventually we arrived in Nakodar Bus Station. It was hot, I mean VERY HOT. I was looking for the bus to go Jandiaala. I saw one bus, which said “JANDIAALA” so I went on the bus but the bus driver was sleeping. He said “Find another bus.” So I looked around, but there were no buses to Jandiaala. I would ask one person and they would tell me to go in one direction. Ask another person and they tell me the opposite direction. It was CRAZY!

Eventually a bus conductor told me that the bus to Jandiaala would be coming at the far side of the bus station, which did not have any shelter area. Either I could stay in the bus shelter and protect myself from sun but possibly miss the bus as I couldn’t see the bus from where I was standing. Or I could wait for the bus nearby by standing in the boiling heat. Chalo, I didn’t want to take any risks so I stood near the area where the bus was to arrive.

It was HOT. I didn’t know where to sit or stand. The sun was full beam in my face. Waheguru. I got out my MINI FAN which my mum kindly got me for the trip. I put it on and sat on the backside of a TEMPU (3 wheeler transport). As I was standing I met so many RANDOM people.

First of all a lady came up to me and asked me “Where are you going?” I told her. And then she said, “So what Gurdwara do you live at?” I said “Erm… I don’t live in a Gurdwara. I live in a house.” She said, “O really? I thought you do sewa in a Gurdwara.” Then she said, “So which Baba jee, Sant or Jatha do you do sewa with?” Waheguru. I told her that I am a Gursikh who came to India for a visit, I am not with any Sant or Baba. Waheguru. Then her husband came and he wasn’t too interested to talk about religion, then both of them walked off.

Then as I was sitting there with my mini fan on I noticed two GUJARS (Muslim nomads from Kashmir who travel across Panjab) who were sitting in front of me facing me near a bus. I could hear them. One Gujar said to the other, “Look at the Giani Jee’s fan. Look's like the Giani Jee is a Valaytee Giani Jee.” The other one agreed and said, “Yes, looks like Giani Jee is from abroad. Look at his fan.”

Then this young clean shaven college student came up to me with his friends. The young man said, “Giani Jee can I ask you a question.” “Hanjee, please ask.” “How many batteries does your fan take?” Waheguru. I told him “One battery.” His friends and he were astonished and then he asked, “Can I hold and feel your fan.” Bechaara (Poor chap!). I let him hold it. He used it on his face and was impressed and smiled and his friends were excited then he gave it me back and they walked off talking about the fan.

Then the bus arrives ONE AND HALF HOURS later! Yes! I stood in the heat, exposed to the sun for ONE AND HALF HOURS. Waheguru. I was the first person on the bus. The young bus driver had a few young men with him. As I sat down they started teasing the bus driver, “Look at Giani Jee’s fan. Look at yours! Yours is a big ugly fan, look at Giani Ji’s small and better fan.” Waheguru.

Then when the bus was about to leave, a mother and her children sat next to me. I knew they wanted to have some air from my fan. So I waved my arm sideways to give the Aunty jee and her kids some air. They didn’t say anything but I could tell they were thankful.

Eventful journey! I then realised that the two Gujars were actually coming to our house to ask for work! Bit of a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

i would just like to say that you blog is very inspiring.
i was wondering also how you get gurbani font on i tried to put up shabads but they come out in english font.

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

This sux. People in India should feel closer to Guru, Gurbani and Gurmat but it is quite the opposite. They are mislead by all these imposter Gurus and panths.They are their to try to smear Sikhi. I will help trace over the Signature to make it darker and bigger than before so no one can smear it anymore than it is. If each Gursikh helped 3 people by example to be a better Sikh then all these imposters would have to start swinging in order to throw us off.

I love seeing pictures of Gurus Takhat from other Gurudwaras. They are all beautiful but some look more grand and have more effort than others.

GurcharanSingh said...

lol PAAJI! Only in India eh!

Anonymous said...

What r we supposed to do? Feel pity for the trouble you went thru, that ppl. in India face everyday. OMG, a NRI Khalsa jee has to go thru that heat and sun. Help. Help.

Remember, 5th Nanak, Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Arjan Dev Sahib jee Maharaaj.... Compare the temprature u were exposed to with the temparature of the Iron plate on which he sat.

Khalsa jee, Grow up and stop cribbing like Mama's boy.

And dont worry about ppl. going after self proclaimed Gurus. It is all the play that has been set by "HIM" only. Just Keep urself straight and stop worrying about or judging others. Thats not your job. And I know you will not publish this comment as you didnot in past any critical comments. But I dont care. It is only for you to read. And you will whether or not you publish it.

Anonymous said...

Lol at the above comment. Yes Guru Arjan dev ji gave sacrifice.. how can we forget?!

But i think anonymous ji, you are missing the plot. Veerji is only bringing a bit of humour which some people dont have in their lifes. Vaheguroo!

manpreet said...

Vaheguru Ji, piyario plz dont say anything like this now, veer jee was only making a joke, there was no need to get so uptight about it, wud u hav been able to take the 45degrees celsius of sun on u for toilet