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A Beginner's Guide to the Ardaas - A Contexual Translation (Part 3)


The second section of the Ardaas

The following section, typically recited in a congregational setting, captures the spirit and devotion that unite the Sikh nation. These words, passed down through generations in some form or another, draw strength and inspiration from the martyrs, saints, and rich history of the Sikh people.

Paragraph 1

Filled with awe and inspired by the Guru’s beloved Sikhs, we remember the unwavering faith of the Panj Pyaare (the Five Beloved), the bravery of Guru Gobind Singh's sons, the humility of the Chali Mukte (Forty Liberated Ones) who returned to the Guru recognising their mistake, and countless others who walked the path of devotion with unwavering faith – those who meditated, chanted God's name, shared generously, fed the less fortunate, and practiced compassion in defending the oppressed – we fill our hearts with their strength as we chant together: 'Vaheguru.'

Paragraph 2

Let the thoughts of the extraordinary faith of Sikh men and women martyrs fill our soul with awe and strength. The brave souls who gave their heads but not their faith, whose bodies were chopped piece by piece but did not flinch, who had their scalps removed but refused to cut their hair braids of divine love, whose bones were crushed but didn’t let their courage be crushed, who were sawn alive but remained complete in the faith, who sacrificed their lives for saving others and protecting the sanctity and respect of Gurdwaras. Inspired by the memory of such blessed souls, we chant together: ‘Vaheguru.’

Paragraph 3

Turning your thoughts to remember our rich spiritual heritage – the five takhats (thrones) that manifest the kingship & strength bestowed upon the Sikh nation, & the rich history of all historical gurdwaras, we chant together: ‘Vaheguru.’

Paragraph 4

First the shared prayer of all faithful Sikhs collectively is, that may ‘Vaheguru, Vaheguru, Vaheguru…’ resonate in the consciousness of all Sikhs, bringing inner-peace. May the honour of the Sikh Faithful (Khalsa) be protected wherever they go, and grant them with victory in feeding the hungry and protecting the helpless. Praying for the success of this pathway of divinity and truth, the holy sword of justice forever providing help, and for its universal recognition, we chant: ‘Vaheguru.’

Paragraph 5

Kindly grant to the Sikhs: the gift of faith, the gift of divine love represented in keeping unshorn hair, the gift of commitment represented in following the ordained code of living, the gift of wisdom represented in the ability to discern, the gift of acknowledging the Divine represented in the ability to have trust, the gift of seeking help in the Divine represented in confidence in the Divine, and the biggest gift of all – divine union through connecting with the Sound of the Divine.  Kindly bless them with the opportunity to take a dip in the Holy Tank of Amritsar. May the spiritual routines, flags of Truth & Justice, and buildings of learning continue forever. May righteousness always prevail. Seeking these blessings, we chant: ‘Vaheguru.’

Paragraph 6

May all Sikhs have humble hearts, soaring wisdom, and honour protected by You, O Vaheguru!

Paragraph 7

May the Sikh Faithful (Khalsa) be granted free access & custodianship of the birthplace of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji, Sri Nankana Sahib, and all other Gurdwaras without hindrance from geographical or political constraints.

The closing section of the Ardaas

hey  ne-maaNiyaa  dey  maan.  ne-taaNiyaa dey  taaN.  ne-oh’tiyaa  dee  oh’t,  sachey  pitaa vaa’eh-guroo…
O Eternal Father Vaheguru Ji, Honour of the honourless, Power of the powerless, Shelter of the shelterless….

Note: At this point add your personalised words and speak to Vaheguru Ji and state the reason for the prayer.

naa’nak  naam,  charr’dee-kal’aa. 
tey’rey  bhaa’Ney,  sar’bat  daa  bhal’aa.
By focusing on Naam, the Sound of God, as guided by Guru Nanak, we find lasting optimism and positive spirit. May your blessings shower peace upon all.

vaa'eh-guroo  jee  ka khaal’saa.
vaa'eh-guroo  jee  kee  fateh.
The Pure/purity belongs to Vaheguru, and all achievements belong to Vaheguru!


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