Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Khalsa Camp BC 2011...

Khalsa Camp BC (Canada) took place from 14th to 19th August 2011. The camp was a great inspiration and was 5 days of pure bliss! The camp has grown from strength to strength since last year. The presence of elder Gursikhs such as Master Niranjan Singh jee and Bhai Bharpoor Singh jee made the camp an uplifting experience. The highlight is always is the Amrit-velaa and Diwaans. With Guru Sahib's kirpaa all the campers did wonderful Keertan.

This year's camp was based on Gursikhi Jeevan. The talks were 'What is the Khalsa?' by Bhai Santbir Singh jee (Toronto), 'Khalsa Rehat' by Bhai Balpreet Singh jee (Toronto), 'Challenges of being a Sikh' by Bibi Rupinder Kaur jee (Surrey), and 'Best of the Best' talk. In the afternoons there were workshops led by the various speakers and Master Niranjan Singh jee.

Some photos from the camp taken by Veer Raminder Singh and Bhenji Tanvir Kaur:

Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee

Evening divaan on the first day

Welcome talk by Bhenji Gurminder Kaur and Bhaji Gurdit Singh

Amrit-vela Simran led by Master Niranjan Singh jee.

Amrit-vela Simran led by Bhai Harman Singh.

Amrit-vela Nitnem led by Master Niranjan Singh jee

Monday morning talk by Bhai Santbir Singh jee from Toronto

Afternoon workshop with Bhai Santbir Singh jee

The photo is of Mac, a Catholic Christian, who attended the camp. He really enjoyed himself and attended all the divaans and talks. Standing by him is Veer Jee from Calgary who came to camp with his family.

Bhai Japnaam Singh jee. His shiny Baanaa caught everyone's attention. The Baanaa was given to Bhaji by Bhai Jeevan Singh jee. Waheguru.

Afternoon workshop by Veer Kulpreet Singh on 'Battle of the Mind'.

Afternoon workshop by Bhai Balpreet Singh jee.


Campers doing Naam Simran

Rehraas Sahib

Ardaas by Veer Ek-Onkar Singh

Langar hall. Langar as every year was tasty!

Langar sevadaars busy! They worked day and night to serve the Sangat. Waheguru.

Talk by Bhai Balpreet Singh jee on Khalsa Rehat.

Talk on why Sikhi is unique and why we are blessed to be Sikhs

Inspirational talk by Bibi Rupinder Kaur jee (Surrey)

Photo with Bhai Balpreet Singh jee (Toronto) and Bhai Ranjeet Singh jee (Surrey)

Tubing (you get dragged by a boat - sounds more like a punishment but apparently it's fun!)

Looks like someone is stranded.

Singhs on boat

Evening time Question and Answers session

Videos from camp on YouTube

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!


Anonymous said...

Vaahguroo! Such a chardikala camp! Soo inspirational!
Your lectures were truly amazing! Soo much kirpa with how much gyan you have! Please do come next year!

Anonymous said...

The camp inspired me soo much!

Anonymous said...


Nice pictures bhaji this is jaskirat Singh your khalsa camp roommate hope you remember me.

Manvir Singh said...


Jaskirat Singh Ji I do you remember you jee. You're the singh who could sleep through an earthquake. Vaheguru.

Keep in Chardi kalaa

Anonymous said...

You're workshops were really funny! I wish I couldve arts attended them everyday!

Anonymous said...


please remove the bloopers - the link to the video has been made private as per a request from japnaam singh but for some reason it still shows up on your blog when embedded.

bhul chuk maaf karni,

tarun singh