Friday, August 26, 2011

Journey back from Canada...

Before I came back to the UK, I was fortunate enough to attend Bhai Prebhdev Singh and Bhenji Gurjeet Kaur's wedding which took place on Saturday. The wedding was really nice. Everyone commented how the wedding was simple and enjoyable. Unfortunately I don't have any pictrues or videos to share of the wedding.

On Sunday it was my flight back home. I had bought loads Sarbloh (iron) baatte, trays and a karaahee (wok) from Khalsa School. As you can imagine the weight was really heavy and I usually over pack when going somewhere so I didn't have much weight allowance. I put all the Sarbloh baatte in my hand luggage. After checking through and getting my ticket, I went to the security check point. I put my small suitcase on the security belt - when I lifted it I realised just how heavy it was! Waheguru.

Once I got through security checking, I had to wait for my small suitcase (hand luggage) to go through the scanning machine. I stood next to lady on the computer. She kept looking at the scan of my suitcase and asked her colleague to come. I pointed at the different things and explained, "I have iron dishes in there. That's a spoon, that's a tray, that's a bowl, that's a glass..." They seemed confused when they saw I had so many spoons. I suppose normally people don't have 10 or so spoons in their hand luggage. After looking at the scan for a minute or so, the security man said in a Mexican accent, "You know - this must weigh about 60 kilos!" I thought, "Waheguru, Waheguru.." I just smiled and said, "It's okay. It's gone through." He then smiled and said, "Please enjoy cooking and eating out of your iron dishes." Sat Naam, Waheguru.

I then got to the gate where the flight was leaving. I stood in the line to show my passport and ticket before going on the bridge to go on the aeroplane. The line I was standing in seemed to have a lady of a senior position. The other staff were wearing uniform but this lady was wearing casual clothes but showing a name badge. The man in front of me was asked by the lady, "Lift your bag. Your bag looks too heavy. It is over 5 kilos. Did you not read your ticket?..." I just heard that and thought, "O dear! If this lady tries and picks up my suitcase she will get a shock." I left the queue and walked to another queue where the lady just smiled and let me on. When I got on the flight, it was so awkward to lift my suitcase and put it in the cabin space. It felt like lifting weights.

My seat was next to a Panjabi aunty. When the food was served, I told Aunty jee that I am not eating anything because I am not wearing my Kirpaan and that instead she can have my food. I asked the air hostess for the vegetarian option. She said first said, "You are not put down as a vegetarian." Waheguru. Imagine if was someone who was going to eat on the flight, and they don't have any vegetarian meals. The lady came back and said "Here you go - a vegetarian meal." I read the ingredients and it said it contains eggs. I gave back the meal to the lady and said, "I don't eat eggs. This contains eggs." She said, "Why don't you try the Chicken option then. Try some." I thought "Hai Rabbaa! I just said I am vegetarian, why on earth would I want to try the chicken option." Despite repeating that Aunty jee and I were vegetarians, she politely with a smile on her face said, "Are you sure you don't want to try the chicken - it's really tasty." It felt like being in a comedy video! Poor Aunty jee didn't have a hot meal and instead ate the cheese and crackers that I was given.

I thought I would close my eyes and get some sleep. My seat was an isle seat. Every time someone would go past their elbow would go in to me. Then when someone holding a young child would walk past, the child's feet would go in to me. As you can imagine I didn't get any sleep because I kept getting poked and prodded by every person going past. I suppose I got the charan-dhoor of children's feet on me. Waheguru. Then things got worse! The rear end toilets stopped working, so there were huge queues for going to the front end toilets. As my seat was near the front end toilets, I constantly had people rubbing past me and knocking their elbow in to me (obviously by accident). I couldn't believe how tight the isle way was and how little room there was. Every time I tried to push me feet forward, the guy in front of me would push he seat backward.

Eventually got home. It was an enjoyable with Guru jee's kirpaa. May Guru Sahib keep all the Canadian Sangat in Chardi Kalaa and bless them with Gursikhi Jeevan and seva of the Panth.


Anonymous said...

Veerjee, why should one eat in Sarbaloh?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just move to Canada? Vancouver?
You can become a teacher at Khalsa School! Perfect.

Manvir Singh said...


I personally don't keep Sarbloh Rehit, I just like eating cooking and eating out of Sarbloh whenever I can. It's good for my health and my English doctor said that is a good idea for vegetarians to cook food in Sarbloh and said I should keep it up. It was amazing my doctor said, "Who told you to cook in iron utensils?" I said that it was an ancient tradition started by the Sikh Gurus. She thought it was amazing. :)

Also I like the taste of cooking and eating in Sarbloh and feel good or a sense of satisfication. My parents are not Amritdhari and they also enjoy food cooked in Sarbloh also for health purpose and taste.

Sarbloh is a puraatan (ancient) tradition dating back from the times Guru Gobind Singh jee. When Amrit is prepared in Amrit Sanchaar it is prepared in a Sarbloh Baatta (bowl) using a Sarbloh Khanda - there must be a reason why it is Sarbloh and not steel, aluminium or plastic. One Gursikh who keeps Sarbloh Rehit said, "When I eat in Sarbloh it reminds me of my birth (i.e. when he took Amrit)."

I personally just think its a nice thing to do if you can. Perhaps try it and see what you think.

You could try searching, or for more information or try asking Gursikhs who keep Sarbloh Rehit.

Hope that helps.

Manvir Singh said...

Veer Jee, becoming a teacher at Khalsa School is a tempting idea! :)

Anonymous said...

Vaaheguroo. Thank you, that does help as I'm thinking of giving Sarbaloh a try.

Anonymous said...

Move to BC!

Hapiness charm said...

Paaji, your little speech at the wedding was amazing! It touched my heart. but also surfaced a fear in my heart, about my wedding (Whenever Pita Ji Maharaaj makes that happen & with whoever), my family is totally not gonna let me marry me like a singhnee & of course I wouldn't marry a non- Singh (& non-Amritdhaari). But it was funny how you talked about divorse at a wedding. I was totally cracking up & hoping that we all have the subhaag of getting married with everyone's blessing (& have their souls dancing with Simran & bandagee) and not curse of the not so gurmukh karams that we have them indulge in for celebrating our big day (dancing/meat & alcohol consumption).

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Anonymous said...

Video clips form the Anand Karaj

Paman Singh said...

Serves you right for being a kunjoose Bhaisahib, next time pay for a First Class seat, I know you're loaded. You have so much money you give laptops to gareebee lok in Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Bhai Manvir Singh is not allowed to move to Canada! Sade englad vale da haal ki hona?!

Anonymous said...

You Englandees have a lot of great speakers! Ex. Bhai Surjeet Singh Jee. We need Manvir Singh Jee here in Canada, BC = D