Monday, August 22, 2011

Journey to Canada...

This month daas went to Canada for Khalsa Camp BC 2011. As I was waiting at the airport, an elderly aunty jee and her son came up to me and asked if I was going to Vancouver. When I told them "yes", aunty jee asked if I could help her on the journey as she didn't know English. Aunty jee told me that she did Ardaas before leaving home that she needed someone to accompany her on the journey to Canada and that her Ardaas had been heard.

All the way to Canada Aunty jee and I discussed Gurmat. It was really nice Sangat. Although Aunty jee had not taken Amrit, she had a great desire to be blessed with Amrit. It was moving that although aunty jee has been awaiting for Amrit for many years she sadly felt she couldn't take Amrit because her husband drank alcohol everyday, would force her to make meat and wasn't very pleasant in the way he spoke to her. Despite having an abusive drunkard as a husband, aunty jee showed contentment and patience and seemed to accept it as Waheguru's Hukam (Will). She said, "All my family in India were Sikhs. We never ate meat or drank alcohol. I was called to England saying that I have been found a husband. When I arrived I got married to a cut-haired person who drank alcohol and ate meat. For twenty years I refused to cook meat and instead accepted hearing swearing from my husband. However, my children said that to keep their father quiet I should make meat. Under pressure I began making meat, however I wish he could change and I could take Amrit. It is Waheguru's Will that I was to marry a drunkard..." Waheguru. Although her husband drank alcohol, the son she lived with didn't eat meat or drink alcohol.

She showed my pictures of her grandchild, who with Guru jee's Kirpaa, has Sikhi Saroop. She said that her son and her have told her husband to drink alcohol in the side room and not drink or eat meat in front of her grandson. Her determination to ensure her grandson doesn't grow up thinking drinking alcohol is okay was inspiring. She shared how her young grandson would force his granddad to switch over the channel to watch one of the Sikh channels. Waheguru.

Aunty jee's sincerity, simplicity and kindness was truly inspiring. Aunty jee shared with me that when at home she ensures all the families shoes are kept nicely and in order. Once her husband asked, "Why are you touching your daughter-in-law's shoes?" She replied, "Waheguru is watching. How can I sit when her shoes are turned upside down. I have to do seva as Waheguru is watching."

Aunty jee shared that when her son was looking to get married, she told her daughter-in-law to be, "I am a soft hearted person. I have never raised my voice in my life against anyone. I have never shouted or sworn at anyone, but nor can I tolerate it because I have a weak heart. My only condition is that I will never raise my voice or speak harshly and you do the same." It was amazing how sweetly spoken Aunty jee was and reflected ideal Gursikh virtues. As a result you can imagine that the relationship between mother and daughter-in-law is pleasant.

I was thankful to Waheguru for blessing daas with such nice Sangat.

When I arrived the August Vancouver Keertan Smaagam was taking place. You can watch the Keertan on YouTube or listen to the recordings on

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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