Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Germany Smaagam 2011...

From Wednesday 27th July to Sunday 31st July it was the annual Germany Akhand Keertan Smaagam. With Guru Jee's kirpaa, the Smaagam was Chardi Kalaa and had a Naam-filled atmosphere. Gursikhs from across UK and Europe attended the Smaagam. On Saturday there was a Rainsbaaee (all-night) Keertan and on Sunday there was a divaan and lecture.

Photos from Bhai Amrik Singh's Flickr:

Bhai Jarnail Singh jee (UK) doing Gurmat Veechar (discussion) with the Sangat.

Bhai Jasvir Singh (UK)

Bibi Rajinder Kaur (Italy)

Bhai Amrik Singh (UK)

Bhai Prabhdeep Singh (UK)

Bhai Maha Singh (UK)

Bhai Jagdev Singh (France)

During the Smaagam are met a lovely couple from Switzerland who wish to become Sikhs and take Amrit and attempting to keep in Rehat. I will write more about this amazing couple in the next blog post.

On Sunday there was an Amrit Sanchaar. With Guru Jee's kirpaa around 9 people or so took Amrit for the first time and became members of the Khalsa family. There was a lady, her husband and 4 year old child from Belgium who was a Muslim who took Amrit at the Amrit Sanchaar. The lady could understand Punjabi so I assume she was a Pakistani Muslim. With Guru jee's Kirpaa she shined with the glory and grace of Guru jee wearing a Dastaar (turban) and Kirpaan. As the couple had not been married in accordance to the Sikh religion they had their Anand Kaaraj done after the Amrit Sanchaar in front of the whole Sangat. Vaheguru.

Bhai Manmohan Singh (California) doing Keertan at the Anand Kaaraj on Sunday.

The couple who converted to Sikhi and had their Anand Kaaraj. Vaheguru.

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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