Friday, August 05, 2011

Story of a Swiss Couple finding Sikhi (Part 1)

I met this Swiss family at the Germany Akhand Keertan Smaagam. I'll try my best to convey the story of how this family found Sikhi.

On Saturday of the Smaagam, Veer jee came and asked for Singhs to tie a Dastaar on him. When I asked "Why do you want to become a Sikh?" He replied with a smile, "Sikhism is a great. It is the only religion where everything is logical, straight-forward and makes sense." I then spoke to his wife, who is of Portuguese origin but was born in Switzerland. Bhenji explained that where they lived there were no Sikhs and the nearest Gurdwara was a 2 hour drive. Intrigued how they got introduced by Sikhi, Bhenji explained that the Sikhi journey began on a family holiday to Austria.

They went to a small town in Autria where there are no Sikhs nearby, however once whilst visiting the local market them came across an elderly Sikh. The elderly Sikh, with a white beard and glowing face, came up to Bhenji and said something like, "In your past life you have done great things. Awaken your destiny and find your future." Saying these words the elderly Singh walked away. Both husband and wife were left stunned but feeling peaceful and happy at the same time. After a few moments, they wished to find the old Singh and talk to him some more. However, when they searched the whole market, they couldn't find a trace of him.

Arriving back from holiday, the couple decided to find out who the person was. Not knowing anything about Sikhs or Sikhi, they searched for India on the Internet. They eventually realised that people who wear a Dastaar and have uncut hair in India are called Sikhs. Whilst searching about Sikhs they came across the website 'Sikhs in the Netherlands'. Bhenji emailed the website with some questions regarding Sikhi. At one point, the website asked Bhenji if she could translate an article in English about the miracles of Mool Mantar into French. In order to translate the article, Bhenji decided to research about the Mool Mantar as she knew nothing about Sikhi. Researching about Mool Mantar changed Bhenji's life. She fell in love with Gurbani and realised the power of Gurbani. After translating the article, the website put the article up but they showed the author as being 'Sat Kartaar Kaur'.

Bhenji and her husband felt confused why the website would not put her name on the article when she had written it and instead put someone else's name. She then translated another article for the website. Again the website displayed the author's name as 'Sat Kartaar Kaur'. Bhenji said, "My husband and I realised that perhaps God is telling me that my name is Sat Kartaar Kaur." After this Bhenji changed her name to 'Sat Kartaar Kaur'.

I asked, "When did you become vegetarian and give up alcohol?" She said, "Before I met the elderly Sikh man on holiday, I somehow became a vegetarian and stopped drinking alcohol. I am a Catholic and in our culture drinking alcohol is very important. But Guru Jee showed me this way. I also gave up my job." Bhenji worked in a wine bar and gave up her job when she discovered Sikhi as she thought working or being near alcohol was unethical.

To be continued...


Jasbeer said...

This is great Manvir. Dhan Guru di Sikhi.
- "Innhee ko main Sikh banaau, Savah lakh se ek ladaaun, Tabeeah Gobind Singh naam kahaun"

steps said...

Each word of Guru Granth Sahib is an eyeopener... Try and understand Path as we recite... Trust me it gives immense pleasure, clears and purifies thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Manvir Singh for sharing such an amazing transformation story.
That's the Guru's blessing.