Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weird Story from Saturday (Part 1)

On Saturday morning it was Bhenji Amrit Kaur's wedding at Slough. The wedding was really nice. Bhai Harpreet Singh (Canada) did keertan as well as other Gurmukh pyaare. After the wedding I went to Southall. After doing some vichaar, keertan and paatth at Bhaji Vijay Singh's house we went to Southall Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Park Avenue, for the monthly evening keertan darbaar.

After doing keertan we thought we would go back to Slough for the rainsbaaee keertan (all night continuous keertan) at Khalsa Primary School. The time was around 9.20pm. Before we went, we went to the Langar hall to have something to drink and eat. Afterwards we went to put our shoes back on.

As we were walking towards the shoes area, the kaalee and two singhs came to me. All I heard was the Singh pointing to me and saying "This man is a religious Sikh scholar - talk to him". I thought what is he on about (especially the "scholar" part!). Perhaps at 9.50pm at night she wanted a guided tour of the Gurdwara? Rab jaane!

The lady had a loud hyper-active voice, similar to a stereo-typical black Afro-Caribbean lady (bit like in the Lilt advert). She had a scarf wrapped on her head with a scarf (chunni) draped over. I thought she might be a Muslim lady. The singh was trying to explain what the lady wants but the lady interrupted him with her loud voice and said, "Can you help me?" I said, "Well it depends. I am on the way to a Rainsbaaee in Slough (doubt she knew what a Rainsbaaee was!), so if it is quick then fine." (Note: the lady had a strong KFC chicken type smell. When I mean strong, I mean a really bad smell of chicken coming from her!). She replied, "When a child is in need then time does not matter." Hearing this I thought a child had been harmed or hurt so quite serious (but later realised she meant "child of God," not a "young person").

I asked the lady what she needs help with. The lady replied, "A man has been touching me up inappropriately." Waheguru. I said, "If someone has touched you inappropriately then you should ring the police immediately instead of talking to us." She said, "No, no, no. Not police matter. The man has been touching my legs and whispering dirty things in my ears." I was confused what she was going on about. "So has someone touched you? Or they haven't?" She said, "I went to Hounslow to get my palm read from an Asian man. I paid him £300. But the man did black-magic on me. When he blows air, he grabs my legs."

At this stage I am tired, confused, and bit scared of this lady! "What do you mean he blows air and grabs your legs?" The lady claimed that her legs had got swollen because this palmist man keeps holding them through some sort of magical power! Waheguru.

"No! This Asian man has done black-magic on me and he has control over me. He keeps illicit whispering messages to me and has control over my body." I said, "Are you religious?" "Yes I am a Christian". I replied, "If you believe in God and say prayers then this stuff does not affect you." She said that she recites the Lord's prayer everyday and does not believe in any other religion or God other than Jesus and her Christian God. It was real strange. She repeatedly asked for help to get rid the black-magic spell. Considering I wanted to get to Slough on time, I told the lady "I am going to Slough. There is a all-night keertan which means singing God's praises. Come there and sit within the congregation and your black-magic will get dispelled instantly." (Note: There was no chance of her going in my car! She would have to make her own way!). She said, "Why should I go to Slough, that's too far." Then I hear someone say, "Bhaji she will get scared at the Rainsbaaee when everyone starts japping "Waheguru"." hehe. It was a kind of a scary comedy scene!

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

please bhaji could write all the story because i cannot wait to see what happens next,

Anonymous said...

yeah please hurry up the anticipation is killing me lol

dhadi said...

omg. thats so funny...just post the next part. cant wait

funny how all these weird things happen to u

Anonymous said...

bhaji, i have a quick question (i know this isnt really the appropriate place, but i didnt know how esle to ask!)
on ang 260 of dhan sri guru granth sahib jee maharaaj, several saloks/shabads begin with "sassa" "raara" and "khakha"
eg sassa siaanap chaad iaanaa..

what is the purpose of this? all i know is that they are letters of the alphabet :S
any input would be greatly appreciated!
dhan guru dhan guru piaarae

Anonymous said...

he he he what happened next?

Anonymous said...

its funny how quick you was to judge her

Hari said...

Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Page 260 is based on the alphabet - This is so that we can remember the message of the Guru in an easy way. Just like we teach kids - a for apple, b for ball, etc. The Guru is asking us to remember the message of the Lord by remembering these simple alphabets and forming association; for example:

P: Praise him always
O: O soul, he alone shall save u
S: enter the lord's Sanctuary
T: do away with ur clever Tricks

Anonymous said...

^ thanks for that! very useful, i appreciate it :)

Amandeep singh rishi said...

hello brother, this is amandeep singh. i am new to this blog but i love it. i am waiting for the entire happening!!!
what happened next ......???