Thursday, July 24, 2008

Notice: Free Seva of LaReevaar Gutke in UK

Message forwarded for the attention of the Sangat (from Bhai Atma Singh from Slough, UK):



Sadh-Sangat Jeeo,

We have a supply of the following LaReevaar Potheeaa(n) /Gutkae ready for distribution, by hand (not postal delivery), in the UK:

- Nitnaym
- Panj Granthee

- Sukhmanee Sahib

- Asa Kee Vaar
- Baee Vaaraa(n)

- Bhagat BaNee

- Vaar Siree Bhagoutee Jee Kee (Dasam BaaNee)

If anyone would like these, the only condition is that they will commit to making a sincere effort to work towards doing Paath exclusively from SatGuroo-ordained LaReevaar Roop GurbaNee. If this is the case, please get in contact with us by email. These will be given to Sangataa(n) who have reserved them by emailing us:

Those Potheeaa(n) /Gutkae which have been reserved, as well as those remaining which haven't been reserved, can be picked-up as follows:

Rainsbaee on Sat 26th July 2008 @ Khalsa Primary School, Slough.

A Sevaadaar will be attending a table outside the Darbaar Sahib between 11pm-12am (midnight) which is when you can collect them. Please do not come earlier or later to collect these. You will need to bring your own Ramalae with you. Please wear a Hazooreea so that Satkaar can be given to Maharaaj Jee's Pavittar BaaNee when you handle it.

Please forward this email to your contacts in the UK so that the whole Sangat can benefit from the opportunity to connect with Maharaaj Jee's Shabad Roop the way They intend us to.




ਆਤਮਾ ਸਿੰਘ



Gurmukh Singh said...

Thank you for posting I've been looking for a long time. I saw posts on forum about dodgy clothing and facebook. I have to say I feel ashamed when I see singhs in sangat as they have no respect. On the internet they make these facebook groups and have very wierd photos up which they photoshop bollywood pics with own photos, etc.

Bhai sahib ji please include this issue in your awareness talk if you need pics I will get singhs to email you and you can put them in slide show. We need to shame these people into changing.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Gurmukh Singh Ji,

In the past I have written about Facebook and networking sites as a reply to someone who asked. You can view the comments in the comment section on the link here.

In the near future I will try and fulfil your wish about doing vichaar on networking sites and the concerns surrounding them. If you are coming to Khalsa Camp (UK) in end of August then I am sure this type of issue will be discussed in the "Youth & Social issues" workshop/discussion group.

Guru Raakhaa.