Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Denmark Trip (Part 2)


Group photo with Naujawan and Giani Jee.

Every opportunity the youngsters had they would surround the Vaajas (harmoniums) and practice Keertan.

Langar time.

During the week children prepared and practiced drama plays based on themes relating to Sikhi. Everyone participated and enjoyed acting. The dramas were really good and it showed how creative and confident the youngsters are as well as presenting their thoughts on Sikhi through their acting:

Bhaji Sukhwinder Singh jee presenting a prize to Prabhdeep Singh for getting questions right in a Gurmat knowledge quiz about Bandi Chhor Diwas and questions about Japji Sahib Vichaar.

Daas enjoying a nice cup of Chaa sitting next to Veer Jarnail Singh. He is a very nice guy (like all the other youngsters).

Group photo with Prabhdeep Singh, Bhoopjeet Singh and Anmol Singh from Denmark and Ramandeep Singh from Germany.

Bhai Subeg Singh jee, one of the Gurdwara Sahib Parbandhaks. He is a lovely man. So much nimartaa (humility), pyaar (love) and Sikh spirit. Waheguru.

Photos from Saturday night's Bandi Chhor Diwas celebrations:

Children doing Keertan with great enthusiam and pyaar during the Sunday morning Diwaan.

It was a great camp and the Naujawan were chardikala. The children who attended the camp showed great love for Sikhi and are a credit to the Sikh Panth. Many of the children who previously kept short cut hair, have kept their Kesh through being inspired by Gurmat through the various camps throughout the year, especially through the efforts of Bhai Kulwant Singh from the Chalda Vaheer Jatha, and the great input by the Giani Harkeerat Singh, the local Granthi, who teaches the youngsters Keertan, Sikh history, Punjabi and Gurmat. May Waheguru continue to bless these children and may they become Parcharaks (preachers) of the Sikh faith who can share their inspiration and knowledge of Sikhi with other children and the wider Danish community.

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Anonymous said...


Beautiful Gurudwara Sahib & how inspiring it is watching children participate in Gurmat camps, doing kirtan, learning to tie keski.. a real blessing!

Guru rakha