Friday, October 27, 2006

Hectic Training Day

Well today was a CRAZY day at work (it's a part time job while I study). It was the first day at work – the TRAINING DAY. First of all I was given FOUR VIDEOS and THREE CDs to watch. 3 hours of STARING at the screen! Vaheguru. Rab bhallaa kare! My eyes went BLURRY! Then someone saw me and said "Mate! You should have a break". I thought, “Rab Da Shukar! Manager Sahib has forgotten about me!” I went to the Office and the manager said to have a break and have lunch.

For lunch I brought 4 BANANAS and bottle of WATER (I would have brought Roti and Sabjee but got late in the morning). After eating one banana i thought "Vaheguru! Baksh Leho Saano... I don’t want any more bananas!" Then I went to Tesco. Other than fruit the closest thing to I could find to eat was (factory made) TEA-CAKES (p.s. they are eggless – just for clarification). So I bought them. I was so hungry from the TRAUMA of watching 4 videos one after another that I ate ALL FOUR tea-cakes. I felt queasy afterwards!

Coming back from break I was asked to go and stand next to the cash till and that the Manager would be there in a bit. I stood there for TWO AND HALF HOURS. I didn’t receive no password so couldn’t log into the till. I just watched the other cashier. But there wasn’t much to watch as there weren’t many customers. Vaheguru!

I thought to myself, “He mannaa – mai kehtey fas gayaa” (O mind! Where have I got stuck!). Even the bechaaree (poor) cashier showing me the ropes said she is bored and looked fed up. My ears have become sore with my Dastaar (turban) (I don’t know how! It’s a recent problem). Today my Dastaar was feeling tight. I tried to push my Dastaar up but didn’t want to push it up too much. So my eyes were aching; my stomach was feeling weird; my ears were sore; and the whole day my head ached.

10 minutes before the end of the day the Manager did a staff announcement on the speakers. He said, "Can Manvir please come to the Office." Vaheguru. Gore pronounce my name as "Man-vi-er". It was pretty funny that after the announcement the other workers said, "Andrea has gone out? She's just come from the Office? That's strange." I told them, "He didn't say "Andrea" - he said "Manvir" (or "Man-vi-er")." Sometimes I had this same problem at school when people in a hurry shouted Andrea in the playground I thought they said "Manvir" and vice versa. When I first started King's College university I thought to myself I am going to get everyone to pronounce my name as "Man-veer" (as in Panjabi). In the lecture I put my hand up to answer a question and the lecturer said, "What's your name?" I said "Manveer" and he said "Munver?" I said no "Manveer." He then said, "Manvee?" O deary me! Rab Bhalla Kare. I thought forget it (chhad parey!) Gore can't pronounce my name properly - so "Man-vi-er" (as Gore pronounce) is fine. lol.

Going back home I got peace of mind through reciting Rehraas Sahib da Paath (the evening daily prayer). After a long day I relaxed with a nice cup of Chaa.


simritkaur said...

well.. serves u right for always calin me simran!!! and sayin its the same thing!!

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

lol. Bhenji - the meaning of "Simrit" and "Simran" are the same. hehehe.

There's a BIG difference between "Manvir" and "Andrea".


Gurpreet Singh said...

Bhai Sahib,
I tried pronouncing Manvir and Andrea in all different ways...They just don't sound the same lol..Anyways hope you keeping yourself in High spirits

Vahegurooojikakhalsa Vaheguroojikifateh