Monday, October 23, 2006

Denmark Trip (Part 1)

Daas has been away for the past week for a Gurmat Camp that was held for Sikh youngsters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The camp was held from Monday 16th October to Sunday 22nd October. Bhaji Sukhwinder Singh jee came to Denmark on Thursday because they had to attend another camp in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Camp was attended by over 20 youngsters, which involved a series of workshops and classes on Gurbaani Vichaar, Sikh Rehat Maryada, Sikh History, Keertan, and discussions. Also there everyone got in groups and put toghether some short drama plays based on Gurmat themes, which everyone enjoyed. The highlight of the week was the Keertan, especially Keertan done by the local Granthi Singh - Bhai Harkeerat Singh jee whom all the children and sangat loved and has done a great amount of parchaar in Denmark, and also keertan by Sukhwinder Singh bhaji (from Midlands). The youngsters of Denmark are a credit to the Panth (nation) and are showing great progress in Sikhi. May Vaheguru keep them in Chardikala and bless them with more enthusiasm, spirit and strength in becoming strong Sikhs and inspiring other youngsters.

Here are some photos:

Groups discussing why are they are proud to be Sikhs and proud to be born in Sikh families. Afterwards the groups presented their thoughts to the others.

Campers cooking Langar and brushing up on their cooking skills.

Youngsters playing football. Poor Giani jee got tackled and hurt his foot. Vaheguru!

Children learning how to tie a Keski (short under-turban) and Dumalla (large turban). It was so inspiring to find out that many of the youngsters have recently kept Kesh and some of them took Amrit recently.

The youngsters introduced Daas to the game of "ChiRee maaR". My reflexes are slow so I didn't do very well. Vaheguru!

To be continued...

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