Saturday, October 14, 2006

Back in One Week

**Daas is going away for a week, so the next update of the blog will be on Monday 23rd October with pictures and summary of the trip**

Daas would like to apologise to the Birmingham Sangat who were expecting the Birmingham Sikh Soc's CHAA & SAMOSA PARTY photos to be posted up. Unfortunately the photos were NOT brilliant. (People say I am a bad photographer! However these were WORSE! I won't name and shame the photographer (*cough cough* Dhadi Master Pardip Singh). lol.

Here's an example of the type of photos that were taken:

Are my eyes going funny or is it the photo? "Blurry?" - An under-statement! Well I suppose in defense Bhai Sahib would argue he was being "ARTIST". Vaheguru.

Here's a FEW photos which turned out OKAY:

Bhaji Amandeep Singh, giving an intro talk.

Am I in the right place? Is it Christian-Sikh Soc? lol. Bhaji Balraj Singh posing with a Cross in the Chaplaincy.

The Chaa & Samosa Party was very good. It started off with Bhaji Amandeep Singh with a short intro then they played a video made by Birmingham Sikh Soc. The video was HILARIOUS. If anyone went to Boss Camp last summer then you would have had opportunity to see the video. The video was a good reflection of how FUN and ENJOYABLE Sikh Society is and at the same time you are LEARNING about Sikhi in the SANGAT.

Afterwards they played Boss Camp video 2006 then they played 2004. It ended with a summary of what Birmingham Sikh Soc offers for students. Every Monday morning there is Amrit-Vela Simran and Nitnem at Dhadi Master's Halls, weekly Football, Simran & Meditate exercises classes every Thursday. The Sikh Soc has a good reputation with awards for best events for their famous "LANGAR-ON-CAMPUS" annual event.

The Chaa & Samosay were TASTY (Note: Just to clarify - the Samosay were from an Amritdhari shop). As usual I got caught up in the VICIOUS CYCLE of eating tasty samosa and then having the feeling of violating my body. I had 3 samosay afterwards I felt very queasy. The tasty chaa helped to wash it down.


beant singh kutta said...

balraj makes me laugh .. amans a gr8 guy.
singh G ur blog is good guru bhalla kare..Wjkkwjkf

Anonymous said...

you guys are so lucky to actually have chah and samosay at ur cha and samosay party....up here we get crisps and diluted drinks.