Friday, January 06, 2006

Letter From India

Today I was pleased to see that I had a letter from India (Well usually I am pleased whenever I get a letter in the post, because I don't get that many! lol). The letter was addressed to "MANBIR SINGH." My brother had a field day and kept saying "MANBIR, MANBIR..." to me. Chalo, Rab Bhalla Kare.

On the envelope it had the sender's address on it. The letter was from Talwandi Sabo, Sri Damdama Sahib, District Bathinda. I opened the envelope and found a nice Gurpurb card in it. The card was from Granthi Nirmal Singh jee who does sewa at Takht Damdama Sahib. He had kindly written a message in the card and also sent a photo of me and his two sons from when I visited and stayed at Sri Damdama Sahib for 2 weeks.

Here's the photo (it was taken in August 2003 at Takht Sri Damdama Sahib):

Looking at the picture, my face looks a bit serious! And the same goes for the kids with me! lol. Generally, I noticed that in Panjab people become tense and put a serious face on when taking a photo (I am no exception!).

Inside the card he wished my family and I a happy Gurpurb and said that his family send their regards. I was quite impressed, because usually people you meet on holiday don't bother to keep in touch (especially in PANJAB!). Bhai Sahib Nirmal Singh sent me a card and also a letter previously as well, in which he sent a photo of himself, his kids and I. He is such a nice person, and so is his family.

I think this has inspired me to write about my travels, adventures and experiences from my trip to India and Panjab in 2003. It was an important visit, becuase it was during that period I was graced with the gift of taking Amrit and pledging my life to Guru Sahib.

So watch this space for small episodes from journey to India in 2003 :)


rsingh said...

Nice khanda ;) you should wear a bigger one more often. When I went hoping to be blessed with Khandey Di paul Manvir Singh decided I looked great with a MASSIVE khada on my pugh and got his mum in on it to. well I give in Peer pressure. lol haha. ahhh looks great cant wait. Also cant wait to see what new advetures this year will hold for us all. Hopefully inter-exciting ones haha ;)

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Long live big Khandey! :) hahaha

Singh the big khanda on your pagh looked good!! trust me :) You stood out like a Nishan Sahib. Raj Karega Khalsa!

If you need any more big Khanda to put on your pagh, let me know and I can sort you out. Sadly, all my mini Khandey's pins have broken (so I need to get some more when I go to India!).

Novtej said...

Recieving letters, especially ones that are handwritten, really make you smile since you tend to appreciate the effort and time put into it. Even posting cards on Gurpurabs, although which may have come about from christmas cards etc, are far more pleasing than an email. One thing which modern technology cannot beat i guess!!

TeraRoop said...

Sooo true..

I haven't gotten a hand-written letter addressed to me since 2003, when our fourth grade teacher finally sent out those letters we wrote to ourselves in her class - and that was the only one I ever got =(

I think I'm going to go call up a friend and make her send me a letter =P

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


I have written a letter in reply to Granthi Nirmal Singh jee. BUT I typed the letter! lol.

Should I hand write it?

rsingh said...

You should hand write it I think.
aww dont worry TeraRoop11 Ill hand write a letter scan it and email it to you hahaha :P

msingh said...

It's a pale imitation, but the events are true.


TeraRoop said...

Veerjee, I just noticed that on the side where you've posted links, you put Veer Uttam Singh Jee's blog link as 'Stingstah' rather than Singhstah..

I like the pic links for the HukamNaamaa and organizations.. looks good.


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


thanx for letting me know bhenji.

i'll change it now.


ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ said...

manvir, hurry up and write about your travels to punjab!!! any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

may you never dol and never forget Nam!
Sat Nam!

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

thanks bhaji

i will be shortly be posting episode 1... just a bit of teaser/ preview...

the first episode will be about my aeroplane journey to amritsar from birmingham airport and sitting next to an athiest.

so watch this space :)