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Forever FATEH! Always VICTORY!

Tribute to Guru Gobind Singh Jee on the 340th Prakaash Utsav (Birth Day commemoration):

'All my wishes have been fulfilled, I lack nothing. God's victory resounds through the world and all my woes have passed.'
(Soohi, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib jee)

Imagine how depressed you'd feel if you'd lost everything you loved:

if your father had been martyred while you were still a 9 year old child,

if your four beautiful sons all under the age of 20 had been sacrificed,

if your precious mother had left this world soon afterwards,

if your loyal devotees deserted you when you needed them most,

if you had no permanent home but were forced to live on the run from a fanatical enemy?

This was the nightmarish situation Guru Gobind Singh jee was in... but did he weep? Did he give up the fight? Did he give up his beliefs and convert to the enemy's way of life? Was he driven to drink, did he put down his sword and cut his hair so that he could have an easy life?

No, this was Guru Gobind Singh jee - the King of this world and the next. This was the master poet with the pen who wrote verses to inspire coming generations of Sikhs. This was the most powerful, muscular warrior, the master of all weapons. This was the beloved saint of Waheguru, sent into the world to protect the saints and the innocent, and to uproot the false holy men. No matter what the situation, His inner state could be described in the words of Guru Granth Sahib jee:
'All my wishes have been fulfilled, I lack nothing. God's victory resounds through the world and all my woes have passed.' (Suhi, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib jee)

So what did the King of Kings do when faced with such a crisis? He wrote ZafarNama - the letter of VICTORY! Guru jee seemed to have lost everything, yet wrote a letter of VICTORY! He sent it to the Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb and told the Emperor of half the globe that although he was handsome, and a great soldier - he definitely wasn't a man of God as he liked to claim. He was a tyrant who murdered innocent children (refering to the cold-blooded martyrdom of the Master's younger sons).

When we went to Agra we visted the red fort - Aurangzeb's headquarters. It was amazing to see the luxury that he lived in. However, the best bit was when we saw his throne. It was in an open outdoor court overlooking the Taj Mahal in the distance. His throne would have sat upon a 15 foot square black stone slab slightly raised from the ground. I could imagine him sitting there cross-legged looking down at his people. However, there was a giant crack all the way through the great stone and I couldn't help thinking that it was Guru Gobind Singh's mighty golden arrow that had caused it!

For it was Guru Gobind Singh jee who when told of the murder of his younger sons, dug up a weed from the ground with his gold-tipped arrow and said the Moghul Empire has been uprooted!

Guru Gobind Singh jee always had an attitude of victory. Not his own victory so he could show off how great he was but Waheguru jee's victory. Guru Gobind Singh jee said 'all battles have been won by the Grace of Waheguru'.

The Hindu's say 'Jai Mata Dee' (victory of the Mata (Mother) - Mata is a supreme goddess who manifests herself as many other goddesses). Guru Gobind Singh jee doesn't salute Mata - Guru Gobind Singh jee salutes the One Supreme Waheguru who created Mata and everything else by saying:

We always say Raj Karega Khalsa - The Khalsa will rule. One meaning of this is when you become Khalsa then by doing simran you will conquer your mind and body: This is the true victory! So do simran, claim victory for Waheguru jee in the kingdom of your mind and body. When there are millions of individuals like this then the Khalsa will truly have ruled worldwide.

Forever Fateh! Always Victory!


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