Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Episode 2 of Punjab Travels: Amritsar Airport Taxi Driver...

Arriving in the holy city of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji, we booked at a taxi at the airport. We were told to go outside and wave the receipt slip that they had given us and the driver will find us. As we went out, we were greeted by a Gursikh. He said he was our taxi driver. The Gursikh looked really happy, and we were happy to have a Gursikh taxi driver.

Sitting in the taxi we began speaking about Sikhi with the driver. He shared that he was a Mona (cut-haired) a year ago, and today he is an Amritdhari Singh. He showed us a photo of what he looked like before on his phone (shame I didn't take any photos at the time!). So I asked, how he changed. 

Veer Ji explained that he was educated but like many youth in Punjab, he couldn't get a job to match his education. One day he was visiting a Gurdwara Sahib and met Baba Narinder Singh Kaar Sewa Wale. They got him involved in seva. Baba Ji said, "I am not going to tell you to do anything difficult... If you want Guru Ji to help you, then for 40 days go to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib at Amrit-Vela. Read one Japji Sahib and clean shoes of the Sangat." He said, "I didn't think that was too hard. Baba Ji never told me to keep Kesh or take Amrit. However, by waking up Amrit-Vela, reading Gurbani and doing Seva, I began to change from within." Since then he never cut his Kesh, began wearing a Dastaar and with Guru Ji's Kirpaa took Amrit. Now, he drives a taxi and says he makes enough money to get by.

Similarly, his friend was also with cut-hair. One day Baba Jagtar Singh Kaar Sewa Wale had come to someone's house and both of them attended. They were giving out Langar. Although Veer Ji was Amritdhari, his friend was not. When Baba Jagtar Singh looked up and saw the person who was offering water, he replied: "How can I take water from you? Have you seen how you look? You have disrespected the Guru-given appearance and hurt the Guru, and expect me to take water from your hands? Do you want me to break my faith in the Guru?" Hearing this words from an elder Gursikh, the young man realised his errors and how he couldn't serve Gursikhs water if he has turned his back from the Guru, and in order to have the privilege to serve Langar to Gursikhs he must become a Gursikh. His friend kept his Kesh and now is Amritdhari. 

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