Friday, March 10, 2017

Recommended Gurbani website...

I have recently come across Khoj Gurbani website. It is an excellent website for searching Gurbani. In particular, the good thing about the website is that it has an option for reading Gurbani in Pad-Chhed, Larreevaar and in unicode font. Unicode font is useful if you are searching for Gurbani on a computer that doesn't have any Gurbani fonts installed. 

There is a selection of Teekas (translations) to choose from. In English you have Bhai Manmohan Singh and Bhai Sant Singh's translations. What was particularly useful was that for the Punjabi Teekas, there was also an option for Giani Harbans Singh's Teeka

The website is easy to use, and well recommended for comparing translations and understanding Gurbani.

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