Saturday, April 30, 2016

Denmark Sikh Family Camp, April 2016...

From 22nd April to 24th April, a three-day Sikh Family camp was held at Gurdwara Singh Sabha Copenhagen in Denmark. The camp was attended by children and adults. Bhai Rajpal Singh and Bibi Prabhujit Kaur from Holland came to do seva of leading classes for children. Approximately fifty people attended the camp over the three-days. Going to camps for me is not about teaching the Sangat about Sikhi, but more importantly taking something from the Sangat. I can say that this camp was so inspiring. So many campers and members of the Sangat had so much to give and learn from.

The main topics that the parents and adults class covered over the camp were (i) exploring female foeticide, dowry, why some cultures dislike the birth of girls and the Gurmat perspective; and (ii) exploring the role of family in Gurmat, learning from family relations of the Ten Gurus, and issues affecting children in today's modern world. The younger children learnt Saakhis, basics of Gurmat, why and how we should come to the Gurdwara Sahib, and Panj Vikaar.

Some photos from the camp:
 Bhenji Prabhujit Kaur (Holland) with the younger children's class

 Younger children's class

 Family and Gurmat workshop

 Adults workshop - group discussions

  Adults workshop - group discussions

  Adults workshop - group discussions

 Dastaar tying - Bhenji Isha Kaur, from Turkish background from Holland having a Dastaar tied.

 Veer Jasbir Singh playing the Dilruba.

 Question and answers session

 Degh being prepared by Gursikhs

Evening divaan - Bhai Gursewak Singh doing Kirtan of Aarti Aarta

On Sunday morning we visited 9 year-old Deenpal Singh in hospital who wanted to be at the camp but due to ill health was in hospital.

Bhai Subegh Singh Ji, thanking the Sangat at the end of the camp

At the end of Sunday divaan, the younger children presented what they had learnt and received prizes.

Dhan Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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