Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sikh History in December - Part 8: Shaheedi


Fourth day
Mata Gujjar Kaur jee woke up the Sahibzaade at Amrit-vela and did Nitnem. The guards came to collect the Sahibzaade to take them the mouth of Death. Baba Fateh Singh jee smiled at Mata Gujjar Kaur jee and said, "We will await you in Sachkhand. Please come quickly, we will not be able to stay long without you. I hope we don't get tired waiting for you Mata jee or your Fateh Singh will be upset with you... Who will sing to us at night time and how would we have got to Sachkhand with you Mata jee?" Mata Gujjar Kaur jee replied, "I will come after you my dear ones. May Vahiguru protect you. I await your company in Sachkhand!" 

Final appearance in court 
Sucha Nand, the Hindu courtier of Governor, advised Wazir Khan that a quick and easy way of killing the Sahibzaade would be to get Sher Muhammad Khan of Malerkotla to get revenge of his brother's death by killing the Sahibzaade. Agreeing to the plan, Sher Muhammad Khan was invited to the court of Wazir Khan and was given the opportunity of seeking revenge by killing the Sahibzaade. Sher Muhammad Khan refused by saying, "If I am to get revenge, I will get it from their father. O Allah! Protect these innocent children. Save me from such sin." Sher Muhammad Khan sought the Sahibzaade's and Mata jee's release and then left the court in protest. The Qazi, who had been bribed, then announced the edict that the Sahibzaade should be bricked alive.

Before the Shaheedi
The local Sangat of Sirhind held a meeting and discussed how they could spare the Sahibzaade and Mata jee from death. It was suggested that Wazir Khan should be given gold in exchange of the Sahibzaade and Mata jee being released. However, an elderly devotee advised against this as Wazir Khan was not honorable or a man of his word. The Nawaab would surely take the money but under no circumstance free the Sahibzaade or Mata jee.  No executioner was ready to murder the Sahibzaade. Sucha Nand found two brothers, Shaashal Begh and Baashal Begh, sons of Jalaalu Deen who had executed Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib jee, in the court custody of Sirhind. The two brothers were being presented for charges of murder. The brothers agreed to kill the Sahibzaade in exchange of their murder sentences being dismissed.

Baba Zorawar Singh jee and Baba Fateh Singh jee were brought out in the public. There a brick wall was constructed around them. The brick wall came to their knees and they were given a chance to embrace Islam and save their lives. The Sahibzaade refused to give up Sikhi, despite numerous attempts to convince them. The Nawaab replied, "You will die in vain - without anything to gain? Why bother?" The Sahibzaade replied, "We will not die in vain. We will die in order for others to live. We will add to the glory of the Guru's guruship. Our death will sow the seeds for the Singhs to rule in time to come.... Where we will be bricked alive, the Khalsa flag will fly tall here. This brick wall will become the foundation stone for the Khalsa Panth to flourish." The wall came up to their chin and they were given another chance. Eventually the wall cover their face. The brick wall shortly collapsed. The Sahibzaade were still breathing but unconscious. The Nawaab ordered for the executioners to cut their throats. Kavi Santokh Singh wrties that the Sahibzaade's bodies were tied to trees and then used at target practise by soldiers. Mata Gujjar Kaur jee became Shaheed in the Thanda Burj and left for Sachkhand.

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