Friday, December 18, 2015

Sikh History in December - Part 7: The Thanda Burj


Second night
The Sahibzaade came back to Mata Gujjar Kaur jee in the Thanda Burj. Mata jee embraced the Sahibzaade and asked what happened. The Sahibzaade explained how Wazir Khan and the Qazi tried to persuade them to give up their Sikhi with the threats that their brothers had been killed and father had been arrested. The Sahibzaade told Mata jee how they give bold and fearless replies to the Qazi and Wazir Khan. Mata jee was proud of the Sahibzaade. They spent the second night again without a blanket or any food. Mata Gujjar Kaur jee provided them with the warmth of reciting Gurbani.

Second court appearance
Entering the court the Sahibzaade roared, "Vahiguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vahiguru Jee Kee Fateh." the courtier Such Nand said to the Sahibzaade, "Do Salaam to Nawaab Saab." The Sahibzaade boldly replied, "We only do Salaam to the True King. We have already done Salaam to the Guru. We only do Salaam once." Wazir Khan said to them, "If you accept Islam, I will make Anandpur a heaven and give it back to you." The Sahibzaade replied, "We know your Quran, You do not yourself follow the Quran." Sucha Nand interrupted, "Become Muslim. He is good. He has given me positions whilst being a Hindu. You too will get high positions if you become Muslims." The Sahibzaade replied, "Nor do we accept Islam, nor do we accept slavery like Hindus. We are different to you. When Muslims oppressed Hindus, my grandfather stopped them and they went off the rails. When my father told the Hindu hill kings to stop idolatry they become our enemies. We do not believe the Devi of Sucha. We are the lovers of God!" Wazir Khan became embarrassed and Such Nanak looked challenged.

The third night

Coming back to the Thanda Burj the Sahibzaade informed Mata jee what had happened. Mata Gujjar Kaur jee was proud of their fearlessness and spirit. That night they recited Rehraas Sahib together. Another night with no blanket or protection from the chilling cold under than the warmth of their grandmother's lap. That night Baba Moti Ram jee, a Sikh who lived locally, bribed the guards at the Thanda Burj and asked to meet Gujjar Kaur jee. Despite the restrictions of no meetings or anyone giving food or drink, the guards accepted the bribe of Baba Moti Ram jee. Risking his life, he gave hot milk to the Sahibzaade and Mata jee. Mata jee gave him blessings.

To be continued...

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