Tuesday, October 14, 2014

An Inspiring True Story...

A true recent story narrated by Bhai Davinder Singh (Surrey) of an incident that took place with him driving Bhai Bharpoor Singh jee to USA:


 The True Guru watches over his Gursikhs
Written by Bhai Gagan Singh (Surrey)

In 2010 there was a Smaagam in Portland, USA. The Singhs from Portland had invited Bhai Bharpoor Singh to do seva during the Akhand Paatth Sahib. It was decided a Singh from Surrey would take Bhai Sahib across the USA Border and then Singhs from Seattle would pick Bhai Sahib up and take him to Portland. When Bhai Davinder Singh Surrey and his Singhni went to go pick Bhai Sahib and Mata Jee from their house at 6 AM, Bhai Sahib had a big bundle of Rumaalle Sahibs for Guru Sahib, which he put in his lap when he sat in the car. 

Bhai Bharpoor Singh Jee
Seeing the big bundle the Singh got scared thinking they will be stopped at the Border by the USA officers, and requested Bhai Sahib to put the bundle of Rumaalle in the trunk. Bhai Sahib refused saying that would be beadbi (disrespectful). Bhai Sahib told the Singh to not worry. A few minutes later the Singh asked Bhai Sahib to at least give the bundle to Mata Jee who was sitting in the back passenger seat. Bhai Sahib agreed to this, while laughing and saying not to worry nothing will happen.

Then a few minutes later the Singh tried explaining to Bhai Sahib that the USA border officers are really strict and they may search the car and if they see a big bundle in our car they may get suspicious and we may get in trouble, they will search the Rumaalle. Bhai Sahib told him to stop worrying and relax nothing will happen. The Singh finally stopped asking questions. A little while later, he brought up the Rumaalle again and said that the 'Gore' (white people) at the border will cause them a lot of grief and trouble. Bhai Sahib said, "No. Don’t worry! No 'Gore' will say anything. We will be fine."

Finally they reached the border and got in line to be inspected. Bhai Davinder Singh, who was telling this story, said in his 15-20 years of going across the border he has never seen an Indian or Punjabi border guard, but that day when their turn came to be inspected it was a Amritdhari Gursikh in a huge Dumaalla. He was a very Darshani Singh, and smiled at them when they came up to the inspection booth. He said Fateh and asked him where they were going. They told the Singh about the Smaagam in Portland and the Rumaalle for Guru Sahib. The Singh was very happy and let them through without any hassle.

This story is a real testament to a few things. One that Guru Sahib is always looking over us and giving us his protection. Two, Gursikhs like Bhai Bharpoor Singh are very rare but they do exist, such Gursikhs who are a living example of what we should aspire to be. They are a big inspiration for all of us.

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