Friday, September 13, 2013

Khalsa Camp California 2013...

This year with Guru Sahib's kirpaa, the first-ever Khalsa Camp was held in USA. Khalsa Camp was established in the UK in 1990 and has been providing inspiration and motivation to young and old seeking to discover the spirit within. Khalsa Camp California (USA) took place from 15th to 18th August 2013 in a camp site in a mountainous area.

It was a great privilege to have Sangat with great Gursikhs like Bhai Sadhu Singh jee, Bhai Jarnail Singh Journalist and other Gurmukh Pyaare. The sevadaars did a great job in organising their first camp. I hope the Gursikhs in California continue to do the good work and with Guru Sahib's kirpaa Khalsa Camp California grows in its success.
The talks were My Panth, sharing examples of inspirational Gursikhs in the Panth and how we can serve the Panth. Bhai Jarnail Singh Journalist (India) presented a talk Sikh Character, which covered the jeevan (lifestyle) of the Singhs of the past and how important it is to adhere to Sikh principals. The last talk was Seva and Simran by Dr. Ravinder Singh (LA), which covered what is haumai and why is it important to overcome haumai through seva and simran. In the afternoons there were workshops led by the various speakers and Bhai Sadhu Singh jee (Fresno).
Some photos from the camp (taken from Flickr):

Camp site in the mountain
 Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee 
Evening keertan
Sangat during lecture
Talk: My Panth
Workshop led by Bhai Sadhu Singh jee
Workshop led by Bhai Jarnail Singh Journalist
 Proud to be Sikh movie - exclusively shown at Khalsa Camp California on Thursday night
Movie night
Aasa Kee Vaar by an elderly white American Singhni. She reads Gurmukhi and sings Gurbani with perfect pronunciation. She has been doing keertan for fifteen or twenty years with Bhai Manmohan Singh (AKJ) from California.
Bhai Jarnail Singh jee doing a speech

Bhai Jarnail Singh jee with USA Gursikhs giving out copies of his book "I Accuse..."
Talk led by Dr Ravinder Singh (LA)
Evening Darbaar - Sangat
Evening Keertan darbar
Evening Keertan darbar

 Question and Answer session
Question and Answer session on last day

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee! 

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