Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Khalsa Camp BC (Canada) 2013....

Khalsa Camp BC (Canada) took place from 25th to 30th August 2013. This was the fourth year of Khalsa Camp BC. It was very impressive to see how the camp has grown and developed over the years. The camp was well organised and the atmosphere was inspirational! It was great to have darshan of Bhai Paramjeet Singh Khalsa (Anandpur Sahib wale) who visited the camp for two days and gave inspirational talks.
This years camp had a range of speakers which included Bhai Tarsem Singh jee (UK), Bhai Santbir Singh jee (Toronto), Bibi Amritpal Kaur (Cost Arica), Bibi Sangat Kaur Khalsa (USA), Bhai Martin Singh (Toronto) and Bhai Harmeet Singh (Seattle). Bhai Sadhu Singh and Bhai Paramjeet Singh Khalsa also held workshops.

I found the whole camp amazing! Great atmosphere, great Gursikh speakers, and great Sangat. The most memorable thing about the camp was the mosquitos and being bitten over and over again and being swamped by mosquitos! I tried putting Saro de tel (mustard oil) on the bites but then someone told me that attracts more mosquitos! Vaheguru!

The camp left a very positive impression on my mind and I found it very uplifting and beneficial. May Guru Sahib continue to bless the Sangat and may their flourish in Gursikhi.
Some of the photos from the camp (taken from Khalsa Camp BC Facebook:
Bhai Santbir Singh jee's talk on the Khalsa. Very informative talk which looked at the different reasons given for the Khalsa being formed and assessing the reasons using Gurbani and the history of the Guru Sahibs.
Sangat in lecture hall
Workshop on inspirational Gursikhs of the Panth. Sharing the story of Kaka Darbara Singh and Saka Sri Nankana Sahib.
Bhai Santbir Singh jee's Workshop. He did a very good workshop of Sarbat Khalsa and a practical mock Sarbat Khalsa which was really fun!
Bhai Prabhpreet Singh (a white Canadian Singh) doing Simran on the piano! Vaheguru! Very inspiring Gursikh.
Interactive session led by Martin Singh (Toronto)

Amazing lecture by Bibi Amritpal Kaur Khalsa
 Hike in the hills
Wall climbing
Singhs letting off steam on the trampoline
Bhai Tarsem Singh jee doing Gurmat Vichaar in free time

Campers taking benefit of Babu jee's Gurmat vichaar in free time. I got stung by countless mosquitos during this vichaar!

Tireless dedicated Langar sevadaars. Vaheguru!

Langar. (Seems to a blue theme with the campers)

Langar (rainbow coloured dishes)

Bhai Sadhu Singh jee washing dishes. Vaheguru!

Evening darbaar - Bhai Prabhsimran Singh doing keertan! So much pyaar with Bana, Bani, Simran and Seva. Very humbling.

Evening keertan


Sukhaasan seva

Maharaaj's Sukhaasan seva

I am fan of Bhai Paramjeet Singh Khalsa who does fantastic Kathaa! I was privileged to be able to talk to him.

Talk by Bhai Tarsem Singh jee. Very informative and relevant talk to today's age! Bhai Sahib's talk was about Sikhi in a changing world and how everything is changing but one thing will not change - Amrit Rass! Vaheguru!
Bhai Paramjeet Singh Khalsa's lecture. Short, sweet and heart-moving lecture! Vaheguru!
Bibi Harsangat Kaur Khalsa (USA) talk on Hola Mahalla and her journey to Sikhi! Very interesting and impressive talk.
You don't need Bhang/drugs to be happy! Happy Gursikh pyaare :)
 Games night:  Musical chairs (Gurmat version!) for Singhs

Musical chair finalists! Things getting serious! I think some people took the game too seriously!

Games night:  Musical chairs (Gurmat version!) for sisters
 Open Mic night: Martin Singh's daughter playing the flute
Very creative and funny poem in Panjabi about the camp put together by this Jatha
Question and Answer night

 Last day: campers sitting around a fire (a haven away from the mosquitos!)
Buses ready to take campers back home
Journay back on the bus! It was the best bus drive I have been on! Heavenly keertan by Bhai Tarsem Singh jee (UK). Vaheguru!

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee! 

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