Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sweden Summer Gurmat Camp 2013...

From Monday 22nd July to Sunday 28th July, a family Gurmat Camp took place in Sweden. The camp was attended by around one-hundred and fifty or so Sangat, aged from three to adults. Over the week camp there were classes on Gursikhi Jeevan, Gurbani, Keertan, Youth and Social, and Sikh History. I have been too many camps but the children of this camp were so well behave and so well composed. The children were so eager to learn about Sikhi. The atmosphere of the camp was great. The great weather, scenic Gurdwara surroundings and being in the Sangat of Chardikala Naam-Abhiaasi Gursikhs helped to make the camp great.

Some photos:

 Satgru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee

Children during the morning assembly reading Paath

11-14 year old group preparing answers to questions that non-Sikhs might ask them about Sikhi

Sangat recapping on pronunciation of Panjabi alphabet

Learning Keertan

The front of the Gurdwara. The Gurdwara is so beautiful with a scenic garden.

Bhai Parmjeet Singh jee, a tireless sevadaar who is an inspiration.

3-4 year old children learning Panjabi

Exercise session

Ladies exercise


Children and sevadaars playing Kokla-Chhapakki

Break time

Children enjoying ice-cream

Children playing Gatka in their free time

Children leading Paath recitation.

Afternoon lecture for elder group

Youth and family issues workshop

Youth and family issues workshop

Middle group's class in the Gurdwara garden during the wonderful weather

Children and sevadaars playing Kokla-Chhapakki

 Saturday night Rainsbaaee Keertan

Bhai Ranjit Singh Denmark doing Keertan

Bhai Prabhdeep Singh Denmark doing Keertan

Bhai Nachhatar Singh Sweden doing Keertan

 Rainsbaaee Keertan

Sunday morning. The children were so eager to practice Keertan that they got the Vaaja Tablaa out in the Gurdwara garden. Vaheguru!

Sunday diwaan. All the campers presented something that they had learnt at the camp. Bhai Sajjan Singh jee asked them questions and they gave the answers to the Sangat. Very nice programme.

Sunday diwaan. Bhenji Raminder Kaur Denmark doing Keertan.

 A young child, probably three years old, reciting Mool Mantar to the Sangat.

The middle group presenting to the Sangat.

Bhai Sajjan Singh jee, a Chardikala local Gursikh who organised the camp.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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