Monday, July 22, 2013

France Gurmat Camp 2013...

From Monday 8th July to Sunday 21st July, the annual France Gurmat Camp took place that is organised by Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Bobigny and the Chalda Vaheer Jatha (UK) which is run by Mata Balbir Kaur (UK). The camp was attended by around two-hundred and fifty or so youngsters, aged from four to eighteen years old. This year's camp was dedicated to Guru Angad Dev jee.  Over the two-week camp there were classes on mudhlee vidiya (basic knowledge), Panjabi, Gurbani, Keertan and history. Near the end of the week all the campers sit tests and are tested basic knowledge, history, keertan, Gurbani pronunciation, memorising Banian (prayers) and Bana (Khalsa uniform). On the final day of the camp all the campers are given prizes and rewards.

It is very uplifting to see the spirit and dedication of the French Sikhs. Despite the dastaar (turban) being banned from schools and some universities, there is so much pyaar for Sikhi Saroop. It was further inspiring to see several white French people at the Gurdwara who have kept their Kesh and now wish to take Amrit. May Guru Sahib to continue to bless the Sangat of France and may the youth become Gursikh role models for the whole of Europe.

Photos from the camp:

Bobigny Gurdwara Sahib
 Gurmat Vichaar class

 Gurbani Vichaar class with Bhai Pavitar Singh (UK)

 Gurbani Santhiyaa class with Bhai Pavitar Singh (UK)

 Local bhenji teaching the very young group keertan

 The under 5's learning Panjabi

 Child learning Panjabi alphabet

 Gurmat Vichaar class with the 9-11 group

 Elder group learning Panjabi

 Elder group learning Panjabi

 5-8 years old group
 The future generation of France

 Veer Jaskarn Singh Holland taking 9-11 class

 Veer Harmandeep Singh France and Bhai Pavitar Singh (UK) leading workshop on how to do Guru Jee's seva

 Mata Balbir Kaur jee tying Dastaars on children

Local bhenji tying dastaars on campers
 Elder group of boys learning Keertan

 Elder group of boys learning Tablaa

 Young group on stage presenting what they have learnt at the camp

Bhenji from Italy leading small group to sing a Shabad

 Bhai Gurdial Singh France leading Gurmat class

 Young children learning keertan

 Bhenji Navdeep Kaur (UK) leading keertan session with younger campers
 Future generation of France

 Elder girls' group doing keertan

 Sangat relaxing in the park

 Gurdwara Committee Vs. campers volleyball match

 Bhai Jagdev Singh France and their Singhni

 The bhenji in the blue dastaar is Russian. Bhenji tied a dastaar during the camp. There was another camper whose mother was white Russian and cannot speak Panjabi, yet the 7 year old child had memorised all of Japji Sahib.

 Sangat enjoying a nice hot summer's day in the park

 Children's games in the park

 Children's games in the park

Campers playing football

 Sikh Channel UK interviewing campers

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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