Saturday, September 08, 2012

Khalsa Camp BC 2012...

Khalsa Camp BC (Canada) took place from 26th to 31st August 2012. Khalsa Camp began in Canada three years ago and has grown and developed every year. The camp was great to have darshan of Chardikala elder Gursikhs such as Master Niranjan Singh jee, Bhai Saadhu Singh jee 'Bapu Jee' from California, and Bhai Surjeet Singh jee who is currently staying in UK. The highlight is always is the Amrit-velaa, Diwaans and Gurmat Vichaar with the elder Gursikhs. With Guru Sahib's kirpaa the atmosphere was really positive.

This year's camp was based on the theme of identity. The talks were 'The 5 Ws of Sikhi' by Bhai Balpreet Singh jee (Toronto), 'The Purpose of Life' by Bhai Surjeet Singh jee, 'Roots' by Daas, and 'Social Activism' by Bhai Ravjeet Singh (UK). Bhai Uptej Singh from UK did a martial arts workshop and Gurmat Vichaar sessions also. In the afternoons there were workshops led by the various speakers and elder Gursikhs.

Some photos from the camp:

Evening Diwaan

Keertan by Veer Jee from Calgary


Master Niranjan Singh jee taking Hukamnama

Degh Seva Singhs

Bhai Uptej Singh (UK) martial arts workshop
Bhai Uptej Singh (UK) Gurmat Vichaar
Daas' workshop

Bhai Surjeet Singh jee's workshop

Master Niranjan Singh jee and Bhai Saadhu Singh jee ('Bapu jee') workshop
Lecture by Bhai Surjeet Singh jee

Lecture Hall

Lecture by Bhai Ravjeet Singh (UK)

Gurmat Q & A session in the evening 



 Bhai Gurdit Singh jee looking emotional and singing! Waheguru




 Evening Q& A session

 Langar Seva

Lecture by a Bibi jee from Toronto


Video of Bhai Balpreet Singh jee's Khalsa Camp BC 2012 Lecture - The 5 Ws and H of Sikhi:

More videos from Khalsa Camp BC on YouTube

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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