Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Episode 3 of India Travels: Unique Home

Passages from my diary of my trip to India, April 2012:

When we came to Jalandhar we visited Unique Home. The Unique Home looks after unwanted, unclaimed or orphaned children who have been discarded or neglected by society. Baby girls are found by roadsides, dumped near streams, or even left during the night in a baby cradle outside the Home.

Before we came to India a 80-year-old English lady that knows my mum knitted some small sweaters and gave them to my mum to give to Unique Home. She knitted about 10 or 15 sweaters. The old lady has no children of her own and whenever she has the opportunity she likes many clothes and gifts for orphans around the world. It was very humbling to hear of the humanity of such people. 

It was moving to see that when I picked up one child the other children put their arms up and wanted to be lifted up. Just by lifting them up and repeating "Waheguru" the children smiled and got happy. It always sad to see how parents can abandon their baby daughters and commit such paap (sin). However, it is better that they give their unwanted babies to the Home rather than murder them. 

If any of the Sangat wishes to visit the Unique Home then you are requested to ring the Unique Home before visiting so that you can arrange to meet Mata Parkash Kaur jee (the main sevadaar):
Phone: 0181-2276066/ 2274005
Mobile: 98721-20664

Unique Home
Bhai Ghanaiya Ji Charitable Trust (Regd.)
1082-B, Model House,

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!


Anonymous said...

U havnt rote anything about the wedding u attended...the people u met....all the different Gurudwara u visited....the Amritsar Rehansbhai...pictures...videos....

Manvir Singh said...

Vaheguru jee. Please keep patience. All stories will be uploaded one at a time.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry its just that someone i no told me that they saw u at Amritsar Rehansbhai....and i wanted to c the pics asap...cus m putting something together for local sangat of smagams in India...sryyy...bul chuk maaf karne....vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji kee fateh

Anonymous said...

Waheguru bhai sahib lovely picture! Dhan guru pyare