Friday, April 27, 2012

Episode 2 of India Travels: Gurdwara Kahnuwan Sahib (Part 2)

Passages from my diary of my trip to India, April 2012:
When we were about to leave the Gurdwara Sahib, someone dressed as a Nihang Singh came to me and and asked me for a pen. I said, "I have to look if I can find a pen." He then got out a small note book and said, "Bhai Sahib, can you please write down the Dohraa for me?" I was slightly confused that he wanted me to write the Dohraa for him. He said he wanted the Dohraa written down which is recited at Sri Hazoor Sahib. I told him to go to the Gurdwara office and that they can check it and write it properly making sure there are no spelling mistakes etc. He then asked me something about doing Ardaas or giving a donation. I was slightly confused and didn't understand what he was saying so I pointed at the Gursikh who drove us there and said "Ask Bhai Sahib jee". The next thing I know Bhai Sahib hands over 10 rupees and the other person starts doing an Ardaas "May Guru jee keep you in Chardi Kalaa" etc.  
We walked away and then the Gursikh explained to me that that person dressed as a Nihang was asking us for money for "Shaheedi Degh" (i.e. cannabis milk drink). I was surprised that someone could go around in Gursikhi baanaa (dress) and beg for money for such a thing. If I had have known I would have refused to give any money and explain it not right for a Gursikh to ask or beg money for such things. However, the Gursikh explained that there are many like that man who have shamed the Guru's uniform. The Gursikh explained that many thieves and beggars have taken on the Nihang uniform and are always intoxicated. I remembered what Nihang Baba Nihaal Singh jee from Harian bela said in one his talks: "Nihangs are not thieves. Thieves have dressed up as Nihangs."

Behind the Gurdwara Sahib there is a no hospital being built and always further down the road the government is making a Khalsa-e-Viraasat. The building is supposed to a multi-media museum which will display the history of the local area. The building seemed quite nice. It is still under construction.

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