Monday, March 12, 2012

Dawn of Gyaan...

A thought-provoking article written from Bhai Kulbir Singh jee, taken from

Dawn of Gyaan

Now a days, the days are short and the nights are long. Even around 6 am, there is darkness outside.

The following Samagam happened at our Greh (house), in an informal setting, with a few near and dear Gursikhs.

Siri Akhand Paath Sahib jee's Bhog occurred around 5:15 am. Degh was distributed after Bhog. Siri Asa kee Vaar Kirtan had not yet started. I went outside to wash my hands. When I came back after few minutes, the lights in the Darbar had been switched off. The room of Darbar Sahib was exhibiting crazy spiritual vibrations due to Siri Akhand Paath Sahib. Kirtan had begun and the room was totally packed.

I sat in one corner and Gursikh Kirtanees continued to do Kirtan of Siri Asa kee Vaar with full vigour and Anand. When I had came, the lights had been switched off. When I closed my eyes, the image I had in my mind was that of mixture of darkness and light because though the lights of Darbar Sahib were switched off, there was light outside the Darbar Sahib and that prevented total darkness.

After an hour or so, I noticed that with the rise of sun, there was dim light outside and due to that, a very mild and cool light and entered Guru Sahib's room from outside. Right then, a thought entered the mind. This room is more fortunate than our hearts. When the Kirtan started, there was darkness in the room but after an hour of Kirtan, the room was getting some light. On the other hand, the darkness in our hearts has still not been dispelled... Gyaan has still not dawned in our hearts. Gurbani has not done Prakash in our hearts. We are still far from Gurmat Rehit-Rehni. We are still stuck in Maya. Our priorities are still not set right. Worldly priorities are still taking precedence over spiritual priorities.

Guru Sahib Kirpa karo.

Kulbir Singh


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