Friday, December 09, 2011

Inspiring Poem: 'Searching...'

Poem by Bhenji Mala Kaur (Gravesend):

Searching (Guru Nanak Dev Jee)...

My heart's in darkness, my mind is soiled,
my soul lost, its voice unheard.
The sun and moon no longer shine brightly,
Oh Naanak I beg, enlighten me

The world, my friends, my family and I,
search for answers in life to please you Lord.
Tempted by society, blinded are we,
Oh Naanak I beg enlighten me

The guilt, the knowledge of my many sins,
I hide in darkness, a shameful life I lead.
Forgive me dear Lord, this is my plea,
Oh Naanak I beg enlighten me

When will I answer the call of my soul?
Day by day I wonder around lost,
from the worldly ocean, my soul please free.
Oh Naanak I beg enlighten me

Teach me the Truth, my mind wash clean,
bathe my soul in your divine word.
Bless me to love and respect humanity,
Oh Naanak I beg enlighten me

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