Sunday, December 04, 2011

Iminder Arts...

Bhai Iminder Singh from Bradford (UK) is a gifted artist who has launched his own website - - to feature his fantastic art work. Please visit his website and support the up and coming Gursikh artist.

About the Artist
“I have always had the urge to create from a young age. My Mother tells me she too had the same passion whilst studying, so I guess it’s in the genes, and I can’t take all the credit for that! : ) I studied Art at school, but completely lost touch with it during University, and after graduating I got caught up in the rut of life with work! By occupation, I’m an IT professional.

In 2009, I felt the desire to pick up my brushes again, but found I kept making excuses and putting it off for some reason or another. However, after discussions with some close friends and family about this, I was hugely encouraged to create and share, so that is exactly what I did!

What inspires me? Well, simply, that Mysterious that beholds us all. My work is mostly based around a journey inside, grasping those heart-searching thoughts/feelings that leave our senses Awe-inspired and Wonderstruck. Above all, I try to place the message of Love in Gurbani at the centre of my work.

I don’t class myself as an Artist, simply because I don’t know anything about being one. I have no qualifications, my tools are rugged, and my knowledge about the ‘Art World’ is limited. But after much inspiration from those around me, I’m here to share in what I seek, understand and create, and hopefully inspire others to do the same."

Art Auction raises money for Charity
On Sunday 9th November 2011, held an auction at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Wakefield for an art piece called ‘a Glimmer of Hope’ which helped to raise money for the Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare (SOPW). With Guru's Grace the Sangat raised £2,500 for SOPW.

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