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Discussion on love....

Majnoo: “If I don’t get married to her I will die”
Author: Bhai Kulbir Singh
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Meaning of Majnoo

Majnoo literally means crazy. Other synonyms for this word in Indian languages are Divaana, Baura, Baawra, Pagla, Paagal, Kamla etc.

Even though the word Majnoo means Divaana but in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu, this word is used for such person who becomes crazy in love. Mostly, Majnoo is associated with such male lover who goes crazy over infatuation with a female.

The most famous worldly Majnoo has been a person called Qaiz who became crazy in love with a girl called Laila. He became so crazy that he left his home and really became a crazy person and soon people forgot his real name and everyone started calling him Majnoon-e-Laila which means Majnoo of Laila.

If an ordinary worldly person hears this story, he is probably inspired and loves it but when a Gurmukh hears about the plight and fate of Qaiz, he feels sorry for Qaiz but also knows that while the love of Qaiz may have been sincere and genuine but his object of love was false. He wasted his human life in love of an idol of flesh and blood.

Two types of Majnoos

There are two types of Majnoos out there – Majnoos of Vaheguru and Majnoos of Laila.

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Anonymous said...

very nice picture ji lol

Manvir Singh said...


Looks like a picture you might find on a Des Pardes newspaper cover. lol

Picture depicts Laila and Majnoo story (which Bhai Kulbir Singh ji mentions in his article).

Anonymous said...

As an amritdhari, can't you fall in love with your wife? maybe not be in love with her in a lustful way, but a caring way, otherwise how else will u have a relationship?

Manvir Singh said...

Within the confines of marriage is fine to love your wife or husband. True love means supporting one another, giving one another companionship, being there for one another, overlooking shortcomings etc. The Singh sees all other woman than his wife as a mother, daughter or sisters, and vice versa, a Singhni sees all other men than her husband as her father, son, or brother.

Guru Raakhaa.