Friday, August 21, 2009

Kenya Gurmat Camp Photos (Part 1)

During the first week of August a Gurmat Week (camp) was held in Kenya by a group of young Kenyan Sikhs under the name of "iSikh". The six-day camp was held in the countryside area of Lukenya. With Guru Sahib's kirpaa, approximately 150 youngsters from the age of 7 to 30 attended. Bhai Satnam Singh (Hayes, UK) was contacted by the local sevadaars in Kenya and requested to come to Kenya with other Gursikhs from the UK to do sevaa in the camp. Guru Sahib rained kirpaa during the camp and trip. It was amazing how much we learnt from the young children. Although some children didn't seem to know much about Sikh history and Gurbani, they had the thirst and desire to learn more and more. The thirst and hunger of some of the campers was very moving. There were definitely great souls and saints amongst the children. May Guru Sahib bless all the sevadaars and the children with Gursikhi Jeevan, blessings of Naam & Amrit, and forever love for Sikhi.

Some photos from the camp:

Campers in lecture hall.

Archery outside. Bhai Amritpal Singh jee (one of the local Kenyan sevadaars) who is an Archery champion led the session.

A view of outside from the first floor of the resort.

Lunch being served.

Discussion group sessions outside.

Keertan by local Bhenjis.

Keertan by 6-year old Bibi Vismaad Kaur from the UK.

Dr. D (UK) giving a talk on the Mind & Panj Chor.

Singhs playing football.

15-year old Veer Amritpal Singh jee - a native Kenyan Amritdhari Singh who is not from a Panjabi background but speaks perfect Panjabi and reads Paatth in Gurmukhi - he puts some Panjabis to shame!! He is a lovely Singh and radiates so much peace!

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

WJKK! WJKF! Thanks for going to Kenya!! Sangat there is lost big time, and need all the help they can get.

Gurjeet said...

Amazing! Was this at the Makindu Gurughar?

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

The camp took place at Lukenya at Lukenya Holiday resort.

We travelled and had darshan of Makindu Gurdwara Sahib after the camp finished.

Bookologist said...

wonderful bohot vadia pe chote bache sikhich ina theyan rak thei han. BOLE SO NEHAL SAT SRI AKAL. I am a sikh from New Zealand.