Friday, July 24, 2009

'Sikh Awareness Day' held in School

Last Wednesday there was a "Sikh Awareness Day" held at Long Eaton School near Nottingham. Bhaji Pardip Singh had been working at the school and before he left the staff requested for a Sikh Awareness Day to be arranged so that the school could be educated on who Sikhs are and what they believe as there no Sikhs living around that area. Bhenji Gurpreet Kaur, Bhenji Kirat Kaur and Daas helped Bhaji Pardip Singh with the Sikh Awareness Day.

Five sessions were held throughout the day. For each session the students were given handouts with questions which they had to fill in during the session. The presentation started off with some basic questions about Sikhs followed by where Sikhs come from and some photographs of Panjab. Afterwards Sikh beliefs, Sikh uniform & appearance, Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee, Sikhs in World Wars, and Sikhs in Britain was covered. During the session selected students were given the opportunity to tie Dastaars on one another and then afterwards one of us re-tied the Dastaars on them. The whole day was very successful. All the children were well-behaved and showed interest in what was being said. May Guru Jee do kirpaa that these type of awareness days or sessions are held at all schools!

Some photographs from the day:

First session - year 7 group.

Starter questions.

Slide showing Parkaash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

Significance Sikh identity.

Panj Kakkaars and Sikh appearance.

Bhaji showing the Kachhera. If anything, all the pupils and teachers will not forgot the Kachhera! lol.

Bhenji tying a Dastaar on a pupil.

Slide showing Sikhs in different professions.

Photographs of Sikhs in World Wars.

The presentation ended with a quote from a British General who talks about Sikhs dying for the freedom and liberty of Britain and Europe and praises the Sikh faith and Sikh turban.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee.


Pardip Singh Dhadi said...

Thanks Manvir.

It was a really good day. The kids kepting asking about u lot the days after aswell. They asked me if you were my family, brother and asking why you came. I dont think the kids will forget you. lol.

The staff thanked us for the event. The Head appologised for not being, as serious unexpected stuff came up.

They have asked us back to do the same with with year 9s in December for an assembly. We got to stay ready for that.

Anonymous said...

I hope pardips kachera was unused.