Monday, January 05, 2009

Coventry Christmas Camp (Part 1)

From Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th December 2008, the annual Winter Coventry Sikhi Camp was held at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Cross Road. It was the second Coventry camp I've attended, and like last year it was superb! Chardi Kalaa Gursikhs, sevadaars and children! Three words to sum up the camp are - pyaar, inspiration and fun! Every year the number of children attending increases. It was great to see lots of families and children attend even on Christmas day (when most people are at home enjoying the holiday or day off).

The camp was divided into two. Children aged from 6 to 13 were divided into age groups and rotated around different zones throughout the day (i.e. history zone, media zone, seva zone, simran zone etc). The elder youngsters (14+) had separate talks and discussions throughout the day.

The local sevadaars, families and youngsters put a lot of effort into the camp. It was inspiring to see the camp have such a positive influence on the children. So many children since last year's camp have started to keep their Kesh, stop eating meat, doing daily Simran, or taken Amrit. May Guru jee bless everyone and may the success of the camp increase year by year :)

Some photos from the camp (from

Christmas day - morning assembly.

Christmas Day. Veer Preetam Singh being in the festive spirit, he is practicing some Christmas carols. (note: don't take my seriously!)

Bhenji Sonia Kaur's group.

Veer Navdeep Singh leading a zone with younger children.

Bhai Hardeep Singh (Leicester)

Veer Hardeep Singh's class on the basics of Sikhi and the daily life of a Gursikh.

Media zone with Veer Tarnjeet Singh (TJ). Children had to make short videos on different Sikh related themes and topics.

Bhaji Jasveer Singh with 13 year olds.

14+ group.

Bhai Joginder Singh jee did talks for the elder group! As usual very colourful and inspiring talks :)

Bhenjis who did Langar sevaa throughout the camp:


The effect of Cross Road Gurdwara's tasty Langar! (just joking! Children wearing Sumo suits!)


Adults/parents session with Bhai Onkar Singh jee

Highlight of the camp - the "Bittu Show" :)

Later the police turned up after a tip off that "Bittu" had no passport.

When the police went to arrest "Bittu", the children went wild and began a riot. Consequently a group 6 year olds were picked up by the local police. (note: I am just joking - please don't take me serious! Waheguru).

On Saturday afternoon two guests came to talk to the campers. One was a lady from an animal shop who brought a reptile, snakes, and a tortuise to show to everyone. The other was the local police who explained about the different things they do and showed their sniffer dog.

Why on earth would you want a reptile climbing up your arm! (Navdeep Singh looks really comfortable - NOT! And Bhai Tarunjeet Singh is checking to see if the reptile is still alive and kicking!).

Ravjeet Singh introducing his new friend (it looks like he has the snake shoved down his top!). Waheguru.

To end with, a photo of creme topped cheese cake! As always the cakes and desserts were Chardi Kalaa :)

More photos on

To be continued...


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Atma Singh said...

I hope the X-roads Singhs got a good solicitor for Bittu!

Jeff said...

Loool!! Bittu's in big trouble. No passport, not wearing all 5 Kakkars, and also I heard he doesn't do his Nitnem everyday...

Jeffery said...

well his mama looks big maybe he will sort bittu out!