Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Coventry Christmas Camp (Part 2)


On Monday 29th December there was a MYSTERY TRIP!!! The trip was to the "Twin Lakes Park" near Leicester. It wasn't exactly the best weather to go to a park considering how it cold it was but having said that everyone still had a really good time and lots of fun!

Some photos from the trip (taken from

Arriving at the site.

We were about to enter the stable when my group said, "Errr... this smells of India. Let's get out of here. The animals smell." It was kind of embarrassing considering Gore were standing there and enjoying the animals and that Panjabi children were finding the smell too much to handle! lol. I heard one of the Gori say, "Aaah, bless. Must be inner-city children." lol.

Singhs preparing for the next Superman film.

Looks like Sangat are in Russia by the looks of how they are all wrapped up!

Waheguru. Veer jee looks more scared than his son! :)

Some weird obstacle course type of thing.

This ride went up and down.

Being lectured by a boy about how hungry he is and how he wanted to eat parothay with sabjee.


Waheguru. Bhai Tarsem Singh jee enjoying the ride!

Amarjeet Singh - posing whilst sliding down. Looks bit too proffesional. Reminds me of those fancy fashion magazine type photographs with someone jumping in the air or something. Never know, he may have a side job :)

Amarjeet Singh stuck.

Waheguru. Looks like someone needs help getting out!

Ice skating.

So painful to watch people fall during ice-skating! Waheguru. One girl kept on falling and falling but she kept on smiling and laughing! Seemed bit dangerous.

Bhenji Kirandeep Kaur posing with Bittu's Mama (uncle).

Big slide.

"Horse" riding. :)

It was a really good camp! Everyone enjoyed it. If you didn't come this year, I would definitely recommend coming next year! May Waheguru keep the organisers in Chardi Kalaa and bestow them with the gift of doing more seva.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teri Sikhi!


Atma Singh said...

It's nice to see the Cov Singhs doing such organised Seva.

There's a local Singh Jee who goes-up to the '1st Sat of the month' Keertan regularly. I want to definitely start going with him. I've got a soft spot for the Cov Singhs - maybe because I was born in Cov.

TJ said...

coventry rules!

Move to cov atma singh :)

Jeffery said...

Did u go horse ridding?

Ravjeet Singh said...

Bittu show is now live