Sunday, November 18, 2007

Video of Paris Smaagam in Memory of Bhai Sahib

On Saturday 10th November a special Keertan Darbaar was held at Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Bobigny, Paris in memory of the late Bhai Sahib Rajinder Singh (Dudley, UK) from the Chalda Vaheer Jathaa. (Read more about Chalda Vaheer Jatha here.)

Below is a video kindly sent by Bhaajee Manpreet Singh (Paris) showing the highlights from the Smaagam:

Kirtan Smagam Paris
Uploaded by jeanjy

End of Month Keertan Darbaar
Saturday 24th November 2007
7pm till 12am (Main Diwaan), Singh Sabha Gurdwara,
Park Avenue, Southall ,

Part of London of Sikhi Month.


Concerned Singh said...

Singh Ji I am a bit concerned about networking sites. I have herd recently that a group has been made about a youth from midlands whos been mentioned on your blog and found it very disturbing as well as the picture. Do you think I am being silly or agree that naujwaan should spend more time jaapping naam then on networking sites.

Seems they are worrying about marriage when they shouldn't as Mahraaj will sort it all out.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

At Khalsa Camp 2007, in the "Youth & Social Issues" workshop, there were some good vichaar shared on the topic of networking sites (e.g. Hi5, Facebook etc). Like anything in life there are pros and cons.

Some possible positive points about networking sites:

1) You can get in touch with old school friends which otherwise you might not have met.

2) You can share information with not just your friends but a wider audience.

3) You can subscribe to certain group set up within the network site which may interest you, either in supporting a certain cause or to gain knowledge.

Some possible negative points about networking sites:

1) Many young people use these sites for flirting through messages, "poking" and posting certain photographs of themselves (whether it is so called "innocent fun" or serious - Rab jaane).

2) These chatting or networking sites can be addictive and waste a lot of time that could be dedicated to something more productive rather than idle talk and pointless messages like "hiyaaa", "what you eating?" "you look fab" etc.

3) Some employers check these networking sites (like Hi5 and Facebook) and it doesn't look too good if you have embarrassing photographs and silly messages which may compromise the individual's character and consequently effect their job prospect.

Like many things, the Internet can be a God send and be beneficial for Sangat (company) and Gyaan (information) or it could be used negatively which can drain your energy and negatively impact your mind. Every individual should have 'Bibek Budh' (discerning intellect), i.e. be able to weigh up and know what is beneficial for their jeevan. Baakee Guru Sahib rakhanhaar han. May Guru Sahib help us all not to slip from the Path and we can only do Ardaas that may our mind not waver (which is only possible with Sat Sangat (company of good people), Gurbani, and Naam).

Guru Raakhaa.

Bass Singh said...

Gurfateh Sangat Jio,

I tottaly Agree with Manvir Singh, Alot Of is a waste of time! we Should Try and make a Jeevan Of Ourseleves instead!


s said...

i wish to add a point for why we should NOT use facebook and hi5 etc... jaado toone or black magic is something done by many muslims.... although it does not effect gursikhs and therefore it is not an issue BUT nowadays there are many youth who have no bani, no nitnem, no simran and therefore they are VULNERABLE to negative forces that effect the mind. Bani talks about ridhian sidhian and thats what blackmagic or mind control comes under.....

there have been cases in midlands where girls who have used these sites have fallen prey to muslim boys who used someone to do blackmagic using their personal photos the girl posted on facebook. so BE CAREFUL about photographs and information you post on these public sites....

as i said before if the youth read gurbani and did nitnem then we wouldn't be effected by this rubbish but coz our current state of youth we need to be careful and to create awareness is by leading by example and so even if your singh and use facebook you need to think hard whether its worth the time and hassle.

hope i didnt offend anyone.

Anonymous said...

Just want to talk about s comment about muslim doing jadoo tunna using photo graph does anyone know of this happening or have evidence of this sort of activity actually working, or is it just a myth.