Wednesday, April 09, 2008

SikhiToTheMax II

Since seeing the preview version of SikhiToTheMax II version, everyone has been looking forward to the finished product being released by the sevadaars. With Waheguru's Kirpaa on 29th March 2007 SikhiToTheMax II was officially released to the Sikh Sangat. I thought I was lucky to get a copy of the program at the Coventry Rainsbai when it was released but then when I went on the Internet I realised you can download it from various websites! So you don't need a CD! The seva is all nishkam (selfless) and the software is available for free, however I am sure the sevadaars would appreciate donations from Sangat to fund their future projects.

As I have a Vista on my laptop the old SikhiToTheMax program didn't properly function (well it did but some of the buttons didn't appear). The new program is awesome. The general appearance and all the new features and added Banis is great.

Some features which I particularly find very useful are the improved Akhand Paatth Sahib mode which can also be used for Dasam Paatshaah di Baani and an improved Powerpoint viewer where you have Panjabi translation and also nice colourful backgrounds to choose from. Today I was pleasantly surprised that all the Bhai Gurdaas Vaars have English translations with them.

The sevadaars are continuously improving the software and a future updated program will include translations of Rehatnamas (ethical codes of conduct) and Bhai Nand Lal jee's writings and other sacred writings of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee.

Users of the SikhiToTheMax Beta (Version 1) are encouraged to uninstall the previous version and install the latest release to enjoy better reliability and enhanced features. The download is available for free. To download please go to

May Waheguru bless the sevadaars with more seva of the Panth and humanity by spreading the word of the Great Gurus across the world through modern technology.

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