Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Derby Vaisakhi One-Day Camp

On Sunday 6th April, the local Derby youth held a one-day Vaisakhi Gurmat Camp at Guru Arjun Dev Gurdwara Sahib, Derby. It was good to see that the youngsters were on the forefront of organising and doing seva in the camp. There was a good turnout. The camp was for all ages. Under 14s were in one group and 14+ were in another group. The camp began with morning Diwaan with Shabad Keertan, Ardaas and Hukamnama which was explained by Bhai Amardeep Singh. The camp finished about 8pm! It was late. The last session was Q&A. There were so many questions in the box, which ranged from serious, deep, spiritual, humorous and strange (to the least!).

Photos from the camp (taken by local sevadaars):

Bhai Butta Singh with young children, going through Saakhis (accounts) from the lifetime of Guru Nanak Dev jee. (Very enjoyable!).

Bhaji Hari Singh, a local young Singh, doing a talk and presentation on Amrit and life.

Bhai Jagbir Singh doing a talk on how he became a Sikh. Bhai Sahib was originally a Christian from Germany. He came to Birmingham by chance because of work. He was going through a tough patch in his life and he ended up going to Soho Road because of an interest he had with the Sikhs and Eastern culture. Eventually Bhai Sahib got in contact with Gursikhs who invited him to a Gurmat class at Oldbury Gurdwara Sahib where he found answers to his life in Gurbani and since that day he found his relationship with Guru Sahib. He is now an Amritdhari Singh with with Guru Sahib's kirpaa.

Satguru, Guru Granth Sahib jee.


After langar there was Keertan and vichaar in the main Diwaan hall.

Children drawing and having a good time.

Discussion group session on Amrit and purpose of life:

Bhai Amardeep Singh explaining the next programme. There was a presentation by a local Gursikh who showed 6 pictures of Singhs and 6 pictures of clean shaven monay (cut-haired). There was a small competition to see who could guess and match the past photos (of the boys being cut haired) to the present photos of them being Gursikhs. It was overwhelming to see the change in the people. May Guru Sahib keep them all in Chardi Kalaa.

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