Thursday, March 27, 2008

Norway Trip (Part 2)


These are photos from Day 2, Thursday 20th March:

Early morning Aasa Di Vaar Keertan

Bhaji Sumeet Singh explaining theme Shabad in Norwegian.

Bhaji Sumeet Singh practising theme Shabad with the children.

Japji Sahib

Satguru Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaaj

Video of theme shabad being sang in the morning:

Bhaji Sukhwinder Singh teaching the elder group Keertan and Raag.

Making timelines with the younger group.

Bhaji Jujhar Singh doing relaxation and attention exercises.

Elder groups making timelines:

Groups presenting how they have formed their timelines and each group member stating a few facts they have learnt in terms of the Guru Sahib's history and world history:

Daas doing talk on Sikh history.

Bhenji Siri Dharma Kaur doing Gatka outside in the Gurdwara car park.

Evening Q&A session with the whole Sangat in the downstairs Langar Hall.

Bhaji Sukhwinder Singh answering a question left in the Question Box on whether taking Amrit is necessary.

Rehraas Sahib

Theme Shabad being sung in the evening.

Note: More photos of the camp on Norway Gurdwara website

May Guru Sahib keep all the Norway Sangat in Chardi Kalaa and may they remain firm in their Sikhi Sidq. As with all camps it was said to the leave all the Sangat. It felt as if I had been there for months and known everyone for a very long time. It's amazing how Guru Nanak Sahib jee's words of "Ujjar Jaa'o" ("Scatter every where") are so true. Sikhs live everywhere across the world and the Kesri Nishaan Sahib (flag) of the Khalsa flies everywhere in all four corners of the world.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teri Sikhee


Davinder said...

Waheguru ji da khalsa, waheguru ji di fateh.
I am Davinder singh, and I am looking for some help from the Sikh community there at OSLO. I am travelling to Norway, OSLO for a business related trip in October first week from a reputed company in India. I would appreciate the help I could get from my sikh brothers in order to get a accomodation, as i would be staying there for approx 3 months. A shared room with any sikh family would be preferable, as I belive and follow sikhism to my best and want to make sure that the trip to norway does not make any difference in my way of lifestyle.
Any help on this would be appreciated. I can be contacted on my email id "".
With regards,
Davinder Singh

Manvir Singh said...

Veer Jee I will email you with contacts from Norway.