Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to England - Friday

On Friday it was snowing really heavily in Norway! I was bit worried that my flight might be cancelled.

Bhaji Sumeet Singh clearing snow from the car window.

Gurdwara Sahib in the morning.

Bhaji Sumeet Singh checked on the Internet to see if the flight was delayed or cancelled but with Waheguru's kirpaa it was okay. Someone from the Sangat kindly drove Daas to the airport. There was so much snow that the car had to travel really slowly. Thankfully I wasn't late and got at the airport on time.

Airport runway covered with snow. Big trucks had to clear the runways and hose the aeroplanes with some sort of hot liquid to melt the snow that had frozen on the aeroplane.

I was so tired that when I got on the aeroplane (which was nearly empty) I put on my seat belt and straight away fell asleep. I slightly felt the aeroplane move towards the runway. After one hour I woke up and thought we must be travelling over the sea by now. When I looked outside I could see the runway! I thought, "Hai? I thought the aeroplane had left the airport an hour ago!" Then a big truck with a hose pipe came and hosed the whole aeroplane down with some hot liquid and 20 minutes later the plane departed. Strangely I didn't hear any announcements or anything. I would assume if the plane is delayed or something that they should have done an announcement unless I was that sleepy that I didn't hear anything. Chalo, Guru Raakhaa.

Arriving back to London, Bhaji Vijay Singh picked me up from the airport and we drove down to Woolwich to Bhaji Gurpreet Singh's house who was getting married the following day (on Saturday). On the Friday he had Sukhmani Sahib da Paatth programme followed by Keertan.

Photos from the House programme (taken from

Bhaji Gurpreet Singh


Local children doing Keertan.

Bhaji Vijay Singh doing Keertan.

After the House Keertan programme we went to Slough to attend the Hola Mahalla Smaagam organised by the Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK. The main Smaagam was held at Khalsa Primary School in Slough. The school is absolutely beautiful and has such a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The children who attend the school are very blessed!

Khalsa Primary School Slough.

The Smaagam was held to mark 30 years of the 1978 Saakaa and the martyrdom of the 13 Gursikhs who laid down their lives defending Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Khalsa Panth which led to the awakening of the Sikh nation.

Sangat at Khalsa Primary School.

Bhai Davinder Singh jee (India).

Bhai Jagdev Singh jee (France).

Bhai Amolak Singh jee (Australia).

The Keertan Darbaar on Friday was absolutely amazing. Sangat from across London, Midlands and even abroad had come to attend the Smaagam. Daas stayed at Khalsa Primary School for the weekend. To listen to keertan from the Smaagam, click here.

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