Monday, November 05, 2007

Paris Gurmat Retreat (Part 1)

From Thursday 1st November to Sunday 4th November there was a Gurmat Retreat Camp for children aged 12 years old and over which was organised by the Naujawan of Paris. Sangat came from Paris, Germany, Holland and UK to attend the camp. Around 60 children and 20 adults/parents attended the 4 day camp. From Germany Bhajee Ranjeet Singh went and from the UK - Daas, Bhajee Sukhwinder Singh, Bhenji Navleen Kaur, Ravjeet Singh and Bibi Balbir Kaur jee.

The theme shabad of the camp was:
ਮਨ ਤੂੰ ਜੋਤਿ ਸਰੂਪੁ ਹੈ ਆਪਣਾ ਮੂਲੁ ਪਛਾਣੁ ॥
Man ṯūʼn joṯ sarūp hai āpṇā mūl pacẖẖāṇ.
O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light - recognize your own origin.

(Ang 441)

The campers were divided into four groups - 12-14 years, 15-17 years, 18+ years and adults/parents. The camp would start with Amrit-Vela Naam Abhiyaas (meditation) & Nitnem followed by Ardaas and Hukamnama with vichaar. After breakfast till lunch there were 2 classes and then after lunch there was either sports or workshops (Gurbani Vichaar, Keertan or how to make Parshaad). This was followed by another class. In the evening Diwaan there would be Rehraas, theme Shabad, Keertan and Hukamnama vichaar.

Some photos from the camp:

Morning Diwaan singing theme shabad.

Gurmat Vichaar with 15+ years group in Diwaan

Langar Hall.

Tucking into breakfast.

15-17 years old class doing vichaar on life & death.

Evening Diwaan.

18+ class led by Bhaji Sukhwinder Singh

Ladies/Parents class.

Evening Keertan Darbaar.

Young campers being shown how to do Parkaash Sewa.

Bhenji Parminder Kaur taking Hukamnama from Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee.

Question answers class with Uncle Gurdial Singh jee from Paris and Bibi Balbir Kaur jee from UK (wife of late Bhai Sahib Rajinder Singh jee who started the Chalda Vaheer jatha and promoted Gurmat across Europe and the world through holding Gurmat camps for children and Keertan Kathaa).

Class in Diwaan doing Simran.

Bhai Jasveer Singh Khalsa and Bhai Maha Singh doing Keertan.

Keertan class.

Everyone getting ready to go on the trip to central Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

Bibi Balbir Kaur jee with Veer Damandeep Singh and Veer Gurinder Singh. Mata jee is really Chardi Kalaa and always has a beaming smile on her face.

Daaas & Damandeep Singh. He is Chardi Kalaa Singh who is planning to take Amrit this year with Guru Sahib's Kirpaa. His Dumaalaa looks great!

Bhajee Sukhwinder Singh with Veer Tajinder Singh from Paris.

Uncle Gurdial Singh jee organising everyone. He done a lot of seva of running camps, Gurmat classes and recently bought the Shere-Panjab complex in which the new Sikh School is set up.

Walking to the bus station.

Bus journey! It was Chardi Kalaa to see a whole bus full of Singhs and Singhnian!

Underground station

To be continued...