Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sikh School in Paris

It's that time of year that everyone has started school, college or university.

Whilst in the UK we can wear a Dastaar to school, in France there is still a ban on the Dastaar. Some 10,000 French Sikh Sangat live in France. Six Sikh boys have been expelled from French schools since the controversial law banning religious symbols was passed in 2004. Several Sikh boys have dropped out of mainstream education in protest.

With Guru Sahib's Kirpaa, on Saturday 15th September the first Sikh school in the whole of Europe was opened in Bobigny, in the suburbs of Paris, in the wake of the tough laws banning the wearing of religious symbols and keeping the head covered in state schools. The complex in which the Sikh was opened was bought by Bhai Gurdial Singh who spearheaded the idea of an independent Sikh school where children could come wearing full Sikh Bana (attire) and pass successfully through education with opportunities of further education. The school offers primary, secondary and university level education.

The school inauguration was attend by the former Panthic Jathedaar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, Bhai Sahib Ranjit Singh, and other Sikh leaders from across UK and Europe as well as French politicians and media.

The school is part of the 'Shere Panjab' complex which includes the school, a business school for higher education and a building workshop that offers employment.

Giani jee from Singh Sabha Gurdwara Bobigny doing Keertan in the school building.

Jathedaar Ranjit Singh jee speaking in the Diwaan.

Bhai Gurdial Singh and Mayor of Bobigny inaugrating the school.

The Sikh school will start with fewer than 15 pupils but it is hoped that a Sikh college will open later in the year to allow older boys to take business qualifications. Although the school has celebrated its inauguration, it is awaiting to start classes because it is still waiting for a final approval from the local education authority.

May Guru Sahib bless the youngsters of France and other places where the law doesn't permit them to wear a Dastaar in schools or keep their head covered yet they keep in Chardi Kalaa. May Waheguru do kirpaa. I know some of the Amritdhari Naujawan are facing very tough problems at school and university. It's a test of faith. Guru Sahib Ang Sang Sahaaee Hovan.


Anonymous said...

great news!!

Anonymous said...


that's great news. A couple is getting married this sunday in Paris, and the bride is sikh. She would like a sikh presence during her wedding.
Do you think someone can come and bless their union?
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Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

i attended a sikh school within london and it made me learn so much about our religion, however i only wish some of the students who attend the school were as determined and as proud of there sikhi as the sikhs in france

Anonymous said...

i am moving to Barford due to the great sikhs living in Warwickshire, only if more youngsters had energy like you to get up and do seva rather than knocking everyone who do seva,
keep the great work up and may be one day we will have front runners similar to you, rather than the leg pullers or back stabbers.
i am sure we will meet one day in Leamington spa
Gills of Matlock