Monday, September 03, 2007

Back from Sikhi Camp 2007!

Just came back from Sikhi Camp on Saturday. It was amazing. Guru Sahib has blessed me with so much inspiration. First Khalsa Camp then Sikhi Camp. I'm thankful to Guru jee for given opportunity to attend both of these camps.

At Sikhi Camp I met so many Pyaar wale Gursikhs. Waheguru. Group 10 was great. They were like a family. It was great that everyone shared their experiences. The Keertan was great aswell. It was humbling to have to darshan of the mothers of great Shaheed Singhs - Bhai Harjinder Singh "Jinda" and Bhai Raju jee. Looking at how Chardi Kalaa they were, it left one feeling speachless. It was also moving to see brothers making steps of keeping their Kesh, starting Nitnem, starting to tie dastaars (turbans) and sisters saying they were going to stop doing beadbi (dishonouring) of their Kesh and wanting to crown themselves with the Dastaar blessed by our Father, Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaaj. Waheguru.

Here's some photos:

Everyone slept in dorms

Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee

Group discussions outside on the grass.

Evening Diwaan. The Guru's Darbaar looked beautiful.

Campers going inside a cave:

Group 10 doing Zip run:

Campers doing washing-up seva.

Singhs from my dorm. (Great so see Bhaji Rajvir Singh and Bhaji Onkar Singh wearing Dastaars for first time).

Before the morning group discussions, the groups did Simran.

Whatever the groups discussed they wrote down and 2 people presented their information and views to another group.

Group 1-3 on their hiking activity

Dhadi Master leading discussion group.

Deep Gurmat discussion.

Abseiling! Wahegurooooooo!!

Bhaji Harpartap Singh and Bhenji doing abseiling. Very inspiring to watch! Bhenji was so nervous at the start but did so well!

Climbing up trees!

Early Amrit-Vela Simran led by Bhaji Mandeep Singh (Southall Wale).

Guru Sahib jee leaving the camp site. It was moving to see the rain of flower petals! It was as if Guru Nanak Sahib jee in his form was walking and the Sangat and the skies were showering petals and singing the praises of the True Guru. Dhan Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee.

Last group photo of Singhs from my dorm.

Group 10 photo

Photo with Bhaji Paramjeet Singh (aka "Pyaara Singh"), Baba Paman Singh jee Glasgow Wale, and Bhaji Harbir Singh (aka "Sant jee"). Great inspirational people!

Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru Ke Pyaare


Anonymous said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh Sikhi camp 07 was awesome iam 1 of the twins that was living in the same dorms as bhai shaib manveer singh ji (iam the one with the white dastar in the dorm pic on the left with a tan n my bro is the one in the dorm pic wearing the brazil top and orange dastar) and manveer singh to be honest he was a joker and such a chardi kala singh and he definately loves his fst simran keep it up veer ji

Anonymous said...

veerji who is this amazing Sant Baba Paman Singh Ji that i keep hearing about? apparently he was the best person at sikhi camp - and also humble, charming, funny, witty. intelligent, charismatic - the list goes on - as well as being as about as subtle as a brick through a window!

anyways im glad you had so much fun at both camps and i really loved your lectures at khalsa camp, your youth and social issues workshop, your group at sikhi camp, your lecture at sikhi camp - oh and your tears of terror at the abseil - "MUJHAY BACHAAAOO!!!! NIHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

lol love you loads veera and cant wait to see you soon

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Waheguroo. Sant Baba jee speaks in gupt roop :)


Baba jee, I think you watch too many Indian films or drama serials. lol.

Hope all is well and in Chardi Kalaa. Missing all Sangat, Pyaar and darshan of Guru Sahib.

Guru Raakhaa.

Anonymous said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

omg bhaji just seeing them pics omg it made me emotional remember the good old times hehe lolz camp was awesome and bhaji you was just so inspirational along side sant paman singh ji lolz i will never forget the times we spent together in sangat all togther as one big khalsa family.

oh and you know group 10 was just the best yey :D lolz anyways its aman by the way haha but hope to get your darshan soon time bhaji take care jio

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Ravjeet Singh said...

sounds chardi kala :)

raam simar said...

anyone rememba "simar mureedaa DHADIAA......" sung in the all nighter kirtan :D

Dhadi Master said...

Simar meiree DHADHIAAA..........that was wicked and it was in a dhadi tune. lol. has some got manvir singh doing kirtan recorded???

man the camp was wicked....wish i was there now. piaar and sharda in the sangat was amazing...langar was very nice too lol...

cant wait till the reunion and next yrs camp...

Anonymous said...

we missed rsingh at camps this yr. :(

Anonymous said...

sikhi camp was absolutely amazing. definetely the sangaat so much piyaare for Maharaaj and Gursikhs around. i thank Maharaaj for the amazing camp he blessed us with. without them camp would of not been soooo inspirational. because of Maharaaj im goin to take amrit soon and start tying a dastaar. Thank you.
p.s i reli wanted 2 stay thr forever, but sadly we have to go home 1 day. cant wait 4 the next camp vahegurooooooo.

Fateh Jee

Anonymous said...

oh yh one thing im the same person again if anyone is thinking of comin next year. come and experience for urself then and only will you knw wha it is like.people may say this and that about it but if you dont experience ursef u wont know. and i definetely sure u will enjoy the wonderful experience. as from this im goin Khalsa amp next yr 2 experience it for myself!! Vahegurooo Jee.
oh nd im sorry if i have offended any1 but its the truth lol.


Anonymous said...

Fateh Jio. the amrit vela were amazing, the last amrit vela was inspirational, just seeing every1 together made me see how lucky i am 2 be born as Gursikh and able to be part of the Khalsa. well soon when i take amrit:):)

Anonymous said...

Guru di Fateh!!! Sukhi paji was soo funny, hes asa di var was beautiful. Sukraj singh , Kp and Manvir's talks were amazing, ahh miss Sikhi Camp.