Friday, August 24, 2007

Back from Khalsa Camp!

Khalsa Camp 2007 was AMAZING!!

Sangat, Keertan, Amrit-Vela and Chardi Kalaa Gursikhs!

Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru Ke Piyaare!

Here's some photos from the camp:

Guru's Darbaar

Trip to St. Anne's beach on Monday afternoon:

Horse Riding:

All these young Singhs came for the horse riding. They looked so Chardi kalaa with their Bana :)

Dya Singh jee getting on the horse.

It was so embarrassing when I tried to get onto the horse. My legs had went to sleep and I had to get a Singh to push my leg up to get off! Waheguroo! Compare that to Singhs who stand on two horses and do races at Holla Mohalla at Sri Anandpur Sahib! Waheguroo!

Photos from the big water fight! Rab Da Shukar that I was inside the Langar Hall drinking some hot milk with Uncle jee and escaped getting soaked!

Bhai Surjit Singh jee giving a talk. Dhan Guru Ke Pyaare!

Bhai Tarsem Singh jee gave an insightful and very interesting talk titled "It's All About ME" about "Hau-mai". (I would advise buying the camp DVDs from to take benefit of the talks from this camp and previous years).

Q&A session outside on the grass:

Wednesday evening Keertan outside on the grass. It was beautiful to see the day pass and the night come with the stars whilst doing Keertan:

Last day of camp! Always sad to leave Chardi Kalaa Gursikhs!

Dhadi Master jee with Bhai Sahib.

Waheguroo :)

Bhaji Paman Singh jee from Glasgow! Always smiling :)

Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee leaving the camp site:

You can read one camper's account of his experience at Khalsa Camp on the link below:

Remembering Khalsa Camp 2007 - Interview from


khalsakaur! said...

khalsa camo was truly brilliant - the amrit vela and morning simran were gud too!!

Anonymous said...

i am ardas here and i want to know where are you from. My sister loves your shabads. i am going back to kuala lumpur. My school starts on wednesday.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Ardaas Jee - Daas is from UK. I loved Bhai Surjit Singh's reply at Khalsa Camp of "People are where are you from? I say "The same place you are from!"... We are all residents of Sri Anandpur Sahib!" :)

Anonymous said...

I want moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee picssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!@!!!!!!!!!

pleasee :)

Anonymous said...

me too , please put up more pics :)

Balbir Singh said...

Nice pictures of Chardikala gursikhs!Dhan Guru ke piyario!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I wish I had a large sangat where I live so we could get tofether like this

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys really nice pics just change the link to the interview because I think Tarnjeet gave you the Link when he was logged on so use this link instead:

Now the Link to the Interview should work.


Anonymous said...

i love manvir singh!!

Dhadi Master said...

The doing sangat here was amazing. really nice amritvele divaans.

manvir singh did a wicked talk as usual.

lol...funny how the water ran out on the en suites. lol....

hopefully next yr there might a dhadi programme sometime during the camp...alot of people were asking this yr...but the whole jatha was not there.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had such sangat where I live :(
please do ardass on my behalf

Anonymous said...

the sangaat looks amazing. im coming next year missed out thi year, i want to experience it for myself! may Maharaaj do kirpa on me:) Fateh Jee!!

baba amarjeet singh said...

vahiguru ji ka khalsa vahiguru ji ki fateh!!!!!

bhai sahib manvir singh jee!
great to chill u with u at khalsa camp, im sure you learnt a lot from my fluent punjabi ;-)
email me-

vahigurooooo ji ka khalsa