Friday, August 17, 2007

Germany Frankfurt Camp 2007

The week of the Glasgow Camp, there was a camp held in Frankfurt in Germany organised by Bhaji Ranjit Singh jee and the Sikh Sangat of Frankfurt. Bhaji Robin Singh jee from Germany has kindly emailed the photos from the camp to share with the Sangat. It is inspiring to see the glory of Guru Nanak Sahib jee's Sikhi across the world. The pride of Baana and Baani is amazing.

I sometimes think of the Saakhi (story) of when Guru Nanak Sahib jee went to a village. The villagers were rude and nasty. Guru Sahib said, "Vasde Raho!" meaning "Stay residing here". When he went to a village where there were God loving people and welcoming Guru Sahib said, "Ujjar Jaao" meaning "Scatter Away". Baba Mardana jee said, "Why do you say this Maharaaj? You tell the good people to scatter and bad people to remain happily residing in their village?" Guru jee replied: "Bhai Mardana! I have not cursed the good people. I wish these good people to scatter and flourish in other parts of the world. Wherever they go, they will spread goodness. If there are more good people, the world will be happier. The bad people of the other village are good-for-nothing. They will make other people rude and unkind wherever they go. So I have asked for them to live comfortably in their village".

I think and wonder how amazing it is that all over the world there are Nishaan Sahibs flying in the air, there is Guru Ka Langar and the Shabad da Langar served indiscriminately and Sikhs are living in their cities or small villages. Dhan Guru Nanak!

Here are some of the photos from the Frankfurt Gurmat Camp 2007:

Bhaji Ranjeet Singh jee doing Vichaar with the children

Dastaar (turban) tying class:

Young children's group playing some games outside (looks fun!):

Older children learning Gatka from Bhai Maha Singh jee (Paris) and Bhai Jasveer Singh Khalsa (Paris):

Keertan in the local nearby park (looks relaxing!):

Dastaar tying competition (looks like serious competition!):


Morning Diwaan:

Bhaji Ramandeep Singh jee posing. Bhaji Chamkaur Singh jee in the background and to the right is Veer Jagraj Singh from Paris (looks like he is asking for something!)

Langar Paanee and Keertan in the Park (very lucky to have such nice weather!):

Last day diwaan:


Balbir Singh said...

Nice photographs

Anonymous said...

bhaji are you going sikhi camp?

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Hanji Daas is going to Sikhi Camp!

rajbir kaur said...

thank u for puttin the pics of frankfurt camp on the internet
it was amazing there!!!:-)